About плагиаторах and false authorities.

Зиновьев Владимир Петрович has sent clause " the Doctrine of a point " in known Википедию. Clause was cleaned(removed) by(with) the managers Википедии, is false having subjected doubt authorship Владимира Петровича:

" Infringement of the copyrights in clause Доктрина_точки

Thank, that you have made the contribution to clause Доктрина_точки, but, unfortunately, we
We can not it(him) accept, as this text is protected by the copyrights and coincides
With the text located, in particular
In a source http://efaldiv.0pk.ru/viewforum.php?id=45

. As potential infringement of the copyrights we shall be compelled to remove
Your contribution to clause Доктрина_точки.

If the material on the specified site was written by you, you are sure that clause
Does not break the copyrights, or you have sanction from the legal owner on that,
Freely to distribute a material of clause on conditions of the license CC BY-SA 3.0,
Please, work according to the description on page ВП:ДОБРО.

You also can try to copy the text by the words, or briefly to describe
His(its) essence, having supplied the information, brought in to clause, by the reference to an authoritative source.

If you have questions - it is possible to set them on a forum devoted to the copyright.

Mean, that the participants regularly breaking copyrights, can be
Are subjected to blocking. V.Petrov (обс) 07:48, September 29 2012 (UTC) "

Владимир Петрович has answered in Википедии:
Hi Dear Petrov Victor!
You have removed September 29 2012года my clause: " the Doctrine of a point ", having referred, ostensibly
On obvious плагиат.
By me this clause was written in various formats on several sites, which
Have mine логин "efald", or it(him), but with addition of a prefix "iv" ("efaldiv").
The forum efaldiv.0pk.ru is mine and on it(him) same clause, " the Doctrine of a point ",
Also mine.
Four years back, me on a forum " Kazus.ru, procedure of the proof mine
логина "efald", was made.

During many years, this логин by me is paid on сервере the Internet.
About thousand логинов, on a forum efaldiv.0pk.ru, personally mine.
On the same forum almost hundred percents(interests) of my material.
Thus, плагиата is absolute any is not present.
Tell, whether it is possible to me to restore here my clause: " the Doctrine of a point ",
Probably with правками?
Yours faithfully: Зиновьев Владимир Петрович.
07:23, October 2, 2012 (UTC)

The answer of administration Википедии:
" Hi Владимир Петрович.
That that you on tens forums have confirmed, that ник "efald" belongs
To you there is no what a meaning(importance). In Википедии there is only one proof,
This sanction to a reprint of a material from the site which has been made out according to procedure,
описаллой in ВП:ДОБРО But it it is not enough for restoration of clause. Agrees
ВП:ОКЗ, the detailed description of a subject of clause is necessary in independent authoritative
Sources. Naturally, forums, блоги and самиздатные sites in quality АИ
Be used can not. - V.Petrov (обс) 17:43, October 2 2012 (UTC) "

The answer Владимира Петровича:
* Hi Petrov Victor!
That are necessary АИ, it is clear. That you
Create rules АИ, too it is clear.
Do not wish to have new clause, your business!
But not смейте to name плагиатором of the author and clean(remove) the information, ostensibly
About плагиате, since клевещете on the original author. It is inadmissible in any countries.
The authorship is sacred!
Have not proved плагиат, at all do not subject clause such doubt, in such known
Site, as Википедия. The information of your site blocks almost information others
Sites, instantly. All at once consider(count) the original author - плагиатором, due to yours
Such false авторитетности.
Open slander - not authority!
6:25 on October 3, 2012.
Зиновьев Владимир Петрович.