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Let's kindle ice of Arctic Region!

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20.09.2012г. 21:17
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature of air - plus of nineteen degrees. 
Today, at 11 hours, "НГ" has received the message, that one of the scientist on TV declared threat of global increase of water at oceans, in case of thawing all ice of Arctic Region.
Let's consider briefly this false threat.
The ice of Arctic Region settle down at deep ocean and at thawing can not increase quantity(amount) of water in it(him). Under them дно of ocean is so deeply, that подлодки go подо by ice of all Arctic Region, in any directions, freely, even in the winter, and the ships go to North Pole in the summer on water, instead of overland! It is known by(with) any inhabitant of a planet from school and information sources. All existing islands, ground and land for a long time are open in Arctic Region. The ice can at thawing add waters in ocean only from a land, which in Arctic Region does not exist other, except for open islands and grounds!
So, all ice of Arctic Region floats at ocean and does not lay on land!
Put ice in capacity with water ( Certainly, that the ice floated in this water). Measure a level of water. Kindle ice and be convinced, that the level will not change.
About what threats "лопочут" "scientists"?
On the contrary, the mankind will receive huge advantage(benefit) at thawing all ice of Arctic Region. The special benefit will be received By(with) Russia, which has while almost the year round ice Arctic Region, протягивающуюся along coast of Russia on many thousand kilometers.
Similar, it also disturbs western colleagues, which have got used, only to themselves, always to have benefit from the warm coastal seas. Western "experts" also lift shout about, ostensibly, various threats at warm Russia the year round.
Warm Russia is possible(probable) only at warm Arctic Region! Then Russia will have a lot of moisture, heat and accordingly of riches.
Look parts of film " Заговор маршала " and western special services especially пекутся about greatness only of countries are convinced, that.
Why the Russian experts without the due answer pass(miss) the false applications, ostensibly about threats of global increase of a level of water at oceans at thawing all ice of Arctic Region?
Decades is audible at schools, High schools and in life: " you know, what the mankind will be lost, if the ice of Arctic Region even will thaw slightly? ".
Marked "scientist", has told, that in Arctic Region was of 80 millions square kilometers of ice, and remained them about sixty millions square kilometers. Other ice of Arctic Region suddenly have thawn for last years under influence of works "Н", "НГ" and "К". The mankind while continues to see drying up of the seas, rivers and other reservoirs. Great: Каспий and Арал almost have dried up. The black sea is cunning far from the former coast. Where water from thawing ice of Arctic Region has got to? Yes she(it) also did not increase from their thawing!
"Accountants", фарцовщики, speculators, торгаши and other negatives, comprehensively attack mankind by counters, prices and other буржуазными штучками.
The ice of Arctic Region bear(carry) only death to mankind, флоре and фауне on all planet. They raise of global negative energy of interaction with an equatorial heat, give rise terrible штормы, hurricanes, tornados, tsunami, торнадо and other phenomena.
"Н", "НГ" and "К" have begun submission of heat both moisture on North and northeast of a planet on the part of equatorial waters of Atlantic which is taking place approximately between a mouth of Amazon and western, equatorial coast of Africa.
North of Africa becomes поливным and fertile. Central America, Northern America, Canada, Greenland, Europe, Russia and most part of Asia receive a moisture and warmly.
Waters of oceans began to move better on all directions, being cleared, being enriched and bearing(carrying) advantage(benefit) to mankind.
It only beginning. "Н", "НГ" and "К" work, are trained and are improved in new business of global improvement of life of a planet.
We work!



23.09.2012г 11:31
The "marked" scientist ", has told, that in Arctic Region was ostensibly of 80 millions square kilometers of ice, and remained them about sixty millions square kilometers ".
Having taken линеечку, and having checked up approximately - what area Northern Ледовитого of Ocean, we shall be convinced, that she(it) all of area of twenty millions square kilometers (plus - minus …).
There are in the Internet snapshots of the stayed ice of Antarctic Continent, with the instruction(indication) of his(its) provisional area: about four millions square kilometers.
The area USSR is equal twenty two and four tenth million square kilometer, i.e. almost areas of the stayed ice Northern Ледовитого of Ocean six times there are more.
The ocean has depths up to eleven kilometers, and the layers of useful, fertile ground USSR have thickness, измеряемые in centimeters.
In the Internet shout, that Арал to not rescue!
Pure(clean) ложь! It is necessary to work! Give a moisture on Russia, Арал the part by all means will take her(it). Kindle ice of Arctic Region and let's to it(him) to occur the year round, the rains will suffice from your work, that напоить not only Арал, but also there are a lot of continents with deserts! You can not ice of Arctic Region kindle, not resulting in rotation of water of all oceans and not improving a planet! Warmly is a movement.
That the ice of Arctic Region to kindle, is necessary so much to work, that the businessmen and does not dream! It is necessary the year round to submit ежесуточно on land, a moisture, necessary and sufficient heat is warm, and on Arctic Region only. This process mentions all space with his(its) measurements during long time to receive only positive effect.
To blow up or сожрать - it is quickly simple!
To make - it is long and difficultly!



26.09.2012г. 7:00
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature of air - plus of ten degrees.
Дождевые of a cloud go from western directions, through Moscow on all Russia.
Last four day went rains. 
This month there was twelve day with rains, and the last year, in October, there was only nine day with rains.
"Н", "НГ" and "К" submit concentration of heat, heat of an absolute source of infinite energy of a point and heat of space on northeast of a planet, on the part of equatorial parts of a planet which is taking place between America and Africa.
Heat is a result of movement of points, rather of more motionless points. Is warmly it is possible to consider(examine) as the form of gravitation.
"Н" And "НГ" theoretically and practically have created on a planet a real, independent, portable source of infinite energy of a point on electronic components, on the basis of the absolute laws of a nature.
They use the genetic and got functions, devices, engineering and "phantoms" of this source of energy, "phantoms" of a planet and space of all measurements, demonstrating positive results to a planet and space by the works.
Апокалипсис recedes. The humidifying and утепление of a planet does not allow to rage on a planet лютым to frosts and heat provided per these years, astrology and ясновидящими by the experts who were not taking into account occurrence "Н", "НГ" and "К".
Now, used "Н", "НГ" and "К" "phantoms", indefinitely surpass all engineering of western experts trying to prevent to improvement of life of the people on a planet, creating a technical control system of weather and ridiculous theories, ostensibly of inevitability of crises, accidents and other negatives.
Everyone know an injurious nature of west, which тысячелетиями creates threats, war, катаклизмы and other troubles to all of mankind for the sake of an own, boundless profit with eulogy буржуазного of a way of existence.
The American, German and other scientists, only and твердят about heat, drought, frosts, floods and other disasters, which, are ostensibly inevitable without истребительных of wars.
The literature, films and the other sources of the information, are overflowed by the facts тысячелетней, ruthless operation working (present working мыслителей, engineers and scientists).
Буржуазия only considers(counts), draws rules and картинки, is engaged единоборствами, sex, consumption лакомств and all values of the present people.
Буржуазия has transformed its(her) large part into deserts and burial places of terrible means of mass destruction of the people.
Now she(it) searches for new planets for the subsequent destructions.
"Н" And "НГ" have studied materials of information sources of a planet and have begun liquidation буржуазии with its(her) results.
Any revolutions, except for scientific and technical revolutions, planet do not rescue.
Change of the people in armchairs, for a long time осмеяна famous баснями Крылова, fairy tales and other products great мыслителей.
Are омерзительные the persons shouting about democratic revolutions while for a long time the abundance - material base коммунизма is created.
These демократы are the agents буржуазии, aspiring столкнуть of the country, society(community) and person in destructive processes allowing to dominate подонкам of a society(community) (буржуазии).
Agency of west and obvious буржуазией are other persons, напяливающие on themselves of clothes коммунистов, not creating of devices drawing sweet картинки, being grouped in a party(set), and as a matter of fact sitting on the salaries and in armchairs.
We work all and we create the even greater abundance of the forms and kinds of energy on a planet, that буржуазии there was no opportunity to exist.
Everyone know - feed an animal and it(he) is harmless!
Anybody will not go to army, if the food suffices!
Will not receive буржуазия of armies, armies, gangsters and other formations, for division and submission of the people, at continuously growing fertility of a planet!
We work!
26.09.2012. 8:05.



23:15 12.10.2012г.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature of air - plus of six degrees, and on a street. Цандера - plus of four degrees.
The rain in Moscow, this month, goes twelve day in succession, with rare breaks.
In October of the last year, there were only twelve days of rains.
The effect of works "Н", "НГ" and "К" amplifies. The submission by them, on Russia, энергий on the part of equatorial zones of a planet which is taking place between Southern America and Africa, proves such decision by the facts of almost continuous rains.
Russia and the countries former USSR will receive, about a summer(years) of 2013, there is enough of deposits, as well as planned "Н" with "НГ", (see early messages).
Means, the crops and other riches are guaranteed the next years.
The seas, lake, rivers and other reservoirs, former USSR, will be filled enough for needs of the man and nature!
The astrologists correctly have made, that have warned mankind about heavy space, апокалипсических processes of these years.
In time have joined "Н", "НГ" and "К" in work on elimination апокалипсиса, having studied an astrology and other sciences.
Let do not shout, that winter in Siberia! The snow will suffice, means, of a crop will be much. Not at once Arctic Region we shall kindle. To all the time!
"Н", "НГ" and "К" will manage maximum to weaken impacts of frosts апокалипсиса. The rains bear(carry) protection to ground, флоре and фауне, filling the dried sites former USSR. The snow too will help, if it(him) to give enough, prick there was no while energy it(him) to kindle.
We work all! To be to a crop! Долой апокалипсис! All in our hands!



In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature of air - plus of nine degrees, and on a street. Цандера - plus of seven degrees. A wind northwest.
Rain only has stopped which went since yesterday's day.
The rain and snow - deposits is absolute riches in skilful hands.
Russia types(collects) these riches, which allow the Russians to receive all kinds and forms of energy. The rivers flow, there are lakes, овраги and ponds is an energy of hydrostations, environment(Wednesday) обитания флоры and фауны, and opportunity of life to the man. The snow thaws and turns to water for the rivers, reservoirs, seas and oceans. Water evaporates and makes work of moving.
Main, constantly to have water, even let as snows and ice. The sun always is present. Rest - results of action of the man and nature.
Means it is necessary to carry out circulation, working consciousness and body, creating the appropriate devices, ways and mechanisms.
We work! We give on Russia, till May, 2013 (roughly) water of Atlantic from a southwest of Russia! A rain, snow. There is no meaning(importance) while. Трудимся! The snow is kindled in water!


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