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Вы здесь » Бесконечная энергия точки.Зиновьев В.П. » Вновь о погоде в Москве » Again about weather in Moscow from 5:35 22.06.2012г.

Again about weather in Moscow from 5:35 22.06.2012г.

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19.09.2012г. 8:06.
"Н", "НГ" and "К" submit water, is warm also moisture of Atlantic from equatorial parts of a planet (taking place between Southern America and Africa) in a direction on north and northeast.
It is proved by gradients both vectors of a moisture and heat going on these directions.
When the moisture moved by forces "Н", "НГ" and "К" all period, since June 22 and till August 22, 2012, from northwest, the vectors both gradients of heat and moisture were appropriate.
In the autumn, winter and spring of 2011 "Н", "НГ" and "К" submitted heat and moisture of equator (from a mouth of Amazon up to islands Феникс) on northern parts of a planet, the vectors and gradients went therefrom.
"Н", "НГ" and "К" plan to hold a new direction all autumn, winter and spring, vectors both gradients of heat and moisture
Will have a direction on north and northeast of a planet from equatorial parts of a planet (taking place between Southern America and Africa)
It is the absolute proofs of work "Н", "НГ" and "К"!



14.10.2012 22:37
Today, in Moscow, in square, the large group of the workers cleaned(removed) foliage of trees. The workers completely оголяли ground from foliage, put(folded) foliage in bags and somewhere took away. The trees and bushes have remained for winter with barefaced roots. Will strike a winter frost, and the trees with bushes will be lost. So, in Moscow the fans(amateurs) of cleanliness and comfort have destroyed set плодовых of trees and bushes. Differently, than open вредительством, these harvests(cleanings) to not name. It is known by(with) any inhabitant of village, even the kids!
As a similar example, it is necessary to tell the following case in edification to the false fans(amateurs) of cleanliness. One man has bought козу. She(it) in the winter, it(him) has brought two козлят. Коза lived in a premise(room) wooden бани, has made to itself thick подстилку from навоза for residing in лютый a winter frost. The woman who is looking after for козой, loved cleanliness. She(it) has cleaned(removed) completely all навоз at козы, having left a pure(clean) wooden floor with a thin layer of hay on it(him). The man she(it) did not begin to listen, as considered(counted) itself skilled, planting pigs long years. There was a November. Once at night has struck the first serious frost. The woman in the morning has gone to козе. She(it) also loved her(it) доила to drink curative milk козы. Коза laid dead, not sustained colds. The horns at козы have fallen off, when the woman has undertaken them to throw out козу.



15.10.2012 7:59
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature of air - plus of two degrees, and on a street. Цандера - plus of five degrees. A wind southwest. Temperature sharply falls, since yesterday have cleaned(removed) foliage around of houses, in his(its) square. The foliage was cleaned(removed) by(with) mobile, large group of the young people of former republics USSR, under the direction of the young man on a bicycle. "НГ" has approached to this man and has asked: " What for you clean(remove) foliage? You see the trees will be lost from the first frost. Roots оголены! " It(he) has answered: " Certainly, will be lost. But us the order from above. Differently us will dismiss from work ".
It, similar, work of western special services. It is a lot of information on them, similar activity. (see for example film " Operation the resident ").
The fallen foliage is huge термобатареей, утепляющей huge volumes of space. Trees and the bushes for this purpose also dump(reset) the foliage.
On asphalt of sidewalks weight of the announcements about installation of conditioners and обогревателей is printed. All newspapers - телепрограммы забиты by this information with the additives about installation of plastic windows, balconies, лоджий and steel doors. Cost of installation of the conditioner: twenty, thirty thousand roubles. Though there is it(he) copecks made by punching, mass manufacture. To establish it(him): in minutes to drill bearing(carrying) designs of a house (it(him) also to destroy). Обогреватели - too " gold дно ". They also cost(stand) copecks by mass manufacture. But in a cold they are very dearly sold!
It becomes clear, to whom the autumn, winter and spring colds, and years(summer) heat, who the customer on harvest(cleaning) foliage of the Moscow squares and parks are favourable.
The prices for products and habitation will be raised by automatic monitoring systems.
Moscow is huge централью, network of thermal circuits of Russia. It is necessary in Moscow warmly to clean(remove) with the help of elementary harvest(cleaning) of foliage, and Russia will be in a cold all autumn, winter and spring. In the summer, naturally, the heat will follow. Trees and the bushes can not protect, Moscow. The account of west is simple. The circuit of execution(performance) is even easier. By motive of cleanliness, comfort and beauty to buy the selling officials. They will order and …
The foliage, groups of the workers, develops in polyethylene, black bags and is taken out in a unknown direction. Moscow and Russia беднеют. West rises.
From asphalt, foliage too rake up in bags.
It is necessary this foliage, here to rake up to close growing trees and bushes. If it is necessary, it is necessary to cover foliage with ground, which surrounds trees and bushes. But in no event, foliage from trees and bushes to clean(remove) it is impossible. Then natural, global термобатарея will work. Moscow and Russia will be rich!
It is necessary to force now these groups of the workers with their owners, to return foliage back, and losses of Moscow and Russia to compensate by their compulsory work. The execution(performance) of the wrong orders of the chiefs, is the same crime. The charter of the armed forces is supplemented by the military legislation for correction of the wrong orders of the commanders and chiefs. Subordinated there is no right to execute the wrong orders of the commanders and chiefs.



18.10.2012 20:01
"Н", "НГ" and "К" submit and will submit heat and moisture, through North of Africa on Europe, Moscow and Russia from Southwest directions of Atlantic, all: autumn, winter and spring. It will be impossible to stop, differently frosts will tear Russia!
Anybody almost does not understand, that the winter will be extremely snow! Other output(exit) is not present, and will not be! Water and snow - real energy, which is not present in ground without its(her) artificial submission from oceans.
Wake up, sirs, comrades! Prepare to снегопадам! Prepare engineering and people! On a nose November. "Н", "НГ" and "К" are not inclined to jokes with weather! The rains and снегопады will alternate, since the moon and the other planets work too, under the laws, breaking rhythms of stability.
It is elementary logic following from the plans "Н", "НГ" and "К". Any forecasts, ясновидений and other nonsense!
The seas, river, lakes, ponds and other reservoirs, in Russia, almost have dried up! In ground of water is not present. Her(it) have extorted by chinks. Water in ground needs again to be reserved. Then the hydrostations will earn on complete capacity. The electric power will become cheaper, and after it(her) begin to fall in the price: the goods, products and rent. The choice is not present!


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