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Again about weather in Moscow from 5:35 22.06.2012г.

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04.07.2012. 5:07
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of nineteen degrees.
Wind northwest. Дождевые of a cloud of northern directions, strips go through Moscow on a southwest and southeast for ring movement of a moisture and cool of wide front around of all planet.
It means, that the majority of the gods and people work correctly, not allowing to kill a planet by heat, drought and their consequences.
Синоптики yesterday predicted for today solar and hot day in Moscow. They leaned (based) on позавчерашний day, in which "Н", "К" and "НГ" about seven hours were engaged in oral belief of the people in productivity of such works. Working hours, with weather, was lost.
The automatic systems of tracking of weather of a planet have given the appropriate results. Yesterday "Н", "К" both "НГ" densely have worked and синоптики, automatically will give other forecasts! More shortly to work it is necessary for the gods, instead of to nod on services of shadowing, researches and conclusions by results of works of the gods.
Let's look tomorrow, that today will make "Н", "К" and "НГ". How many moisture and cool they will bring to a planet, Russia and Moscow. Синоптики amicably will show result of works of the gods! They can not predict the gods, which continuously change directions of the works. Синоптики work on statistics. The gods work on the purposes!
We work, the gods, people - gods and it is simple the people! All will be helped by other inhabitants, essences, objects and subjects of a planet.



05.07.2012г. 7:00
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of eighteen degrees.
Wind northwest. Дождевые of a cloud of northern directions, also, strips go through Moscow on a southwest and southeast for ring movement of a moisture and cool of wide front around of all planet, for its(her) cooling.
Really, year апокалипсический. It is necessary very much to work, that the climate of Moscow and Russia was normal, damp and warm with alternation of solar and rainy days. It is impossible to suppose overcoolings and перегрева, ground and atmosphere. It is necessary to work everything, let even mentally. The enemies suffice. Any negative idea or the bad emotions give rise to a cold or heat. It the malicious forces use, causing negative emotions at the people and other essences. They do not allow the people to live, to work and to have a rest normally. It is necessary in parallel with weather, to waste time on struggle with negative forces.
The results prove to be true by an actual normal climate.
We work!



4:56 08.07.2012г.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of fifteen degrees.
Wind northwest.



7:01 10.07.2012г. In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of twenty one degrees. About two hours in succession, there was a rain. The results of works "Н", "К" and "НГ" are obvious during four years with representation In the Internet. Weather both climate of a planet, and space, are adjusted by strong consciousness of the man. Means, it is necessary correctly to train the population of a planet for creation of the best conditions of life.



14.07.2012г. 6:36. In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of fourteen degrees. A wind northwest.
Yesterday, 13.07.12г., all day, with breaks, went a strong rain.
"Н", "К" and "НГ" leave on a new level of adjustment of weather of Moscow and Russia!
This year, under the forecasts of the conducting astrologists of a planet, is year of parade of planets. The planets are built in one number(line) and bear(carry) to the Earth апокалипсис by the amplified(strengthened) phenomena of gravitational influences of total meanings(importance) of sizes.
Despite of improvement of technologies of the works with weather, "Н", "НГ" and "К" it is necessary to work intensively. Fires and drought in the summer, and winter strong frosts conducting to accidents and epidemics differently are inevitable.
Insignificant stops of adjustments of weather, and the sun ruthlessly brings down fatal heat on Moscow and Russia!
The simultaneous requirement to the certain sizes of solar heat for harvest(cleaning) grain cultures and the existence of life, complicate and without that a heavy situation of works with weather.
"@" weather is not done(made). We work, instead of we are asked. All year we shall make favorable, warm and damp, with sufficient solar days.
Then we shall fix success the next years. Only then it is possible in the affirmative to speak in open information channels about an opportunity of adjustment of a climate of a planet and space, with the help of consciousness and hands of the man, without any engineering.
While we use pseudonyms and Internet.
We work!



16.07.2012г. 5:50. In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of eighteen degrees. A wind northwest.
Yesterday, 15.07.2012г., in Moscow, with 17ч. 30 minutes and up to полуночи, there was a uniform, normal rain.
"Н", "К" and "НГ" with honour carry out a task of submission of a moisture on Moscow and Russia from Atlantic and Arctic Region, simultaneously humidifying and cooling other parts of a planet, which the previous years suffered from fires and drought.
Stocks of a moisture Moscow and Russia already has enough confidently to speak about stability of creation of abundance of products of a feed(meal) and consumer goods.
Water decides(solves) all questions of life-support of mankind. Her(it) now enough also is not present a place счетоводству of water. About counters of water jokes now will go everywhere.
Some more weeks of work "Н", "К" and "НГ" and the mankind will completely be convinced of reliability of their work. The planet will receive the necessary quantity(amount) of a moisture on land from oceans, by means of rains, this year. The next years this task will be decided(solved) by more effective works "Н", "К" and "НГ".
Крикуны and the accountants of quantity(amount), прокармливающихся of the people on a planet, ротики will close seriously and for ever.
The new technologies of heat and moisture of a planets developed and used "Н", "К" and "НГ", decide(solve) absolutely all problems of life and feed(meal) of any quantity(amount) of the people of a planet. About similar opportunities of the people, when - that spoke Ленин, denying the theories illiterate Мальтуса.
Such technologies are absolute коммунизмом, created practically one man. About what стоимостях and money it is possible to conduct empty conversations in such conditions? What to consider(count), to estimate and to pay in infinite quantities(amounts) of water and energy submitted by hands and consciousness "Н", "К" and "НГ"?
Means, all other mankind is simply obliged, also free-of-charge to work, on an example of these persons.
We work!



18.07.2012г. 4:00. In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of fourteen degrees. A wind northern, northwest.As was yesterday.
"Н", "К" and "НГ" continue to hold in Moscow and Russia normal weather for a sufficient crop and creation of abundance, contrary to astrological апокалипсису of parade of planets. It is not enough of experience while, but effect already sufficient.
They submit a cool and moisture from northwest directions of Europe and Russia.
It should result in change of duration of day, since energy "Н", "К" and "НГ" cause, accelerated rotation of a planet from West on East around of its(her) axis, and also change of a rule(situation) of poles. The astronomers should it fix. The correction of calendars of day, months and years should be made. The thirty second and other days of months now are a reality, instead of fantasy Мюнхгаузена.
If the clever scientists will keep silent now about this fact, the mankind itself can calculate results of influence энергий "Н", "НГ" and "К" on speed of rotation of the Earth.
Approximately from the end of August, "Н", "НГ" and "К" will stop the amplified(strengthened) cooling and humidifying of Moscow, and Russia by waters of Atlantic and Arctic Region, and will begin to submit on Moscow and Russia warmly equators of the Earth.
Then the rotation of the Earth from West on East is more accelerated will be stopped and other change of its(her) poles and its(her) rotation will begin.
The guys watch(keep up)! "Н", "НГ" and "К" are not inclined to such jokes!
It to you of the proof of forces and энергий "Н", "НГ" and "К"!



20.07.2012 5:00. In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of thirteen degrees. Continuous облачность дождевых of clouds. The wind goes in a direction on east and southern parts of Russia.

So, the level of ocean has appeared the next invention of the "great" minds(wits) hardly which have not resulted(brought) in destruction life on a planet, since "Н", "НГ" and "К" submitted only warmly, relying on presence of water inside each point of the Earth.
This invented level of water in each point of the Earth does not exist.
The level of water at oceans, actually, is much lower than a level of water in reservoirs, rivers, lakes, ponds and other capacities of water driven, or покоящихся and taking place on a surface of a land of a planet.
Water flows down with вышерасположенных of points of a planet on levels, according to actions gravitational энергий, in the appropriate tanks called by oceans and the seas.
From oceans and seas, water it is necessary is artificial to submit on land of a planet, additional энергиями, that she(it) again flew down in oceans and seas.
Studying all sciences, including geography and information of a planet, "Н" and "НГ" saw, that in geography, sciences and information the presence of a uniform level of water of oceans in all points of a planet the Earth is taught.
Last years all "great" minds(wits) of a planet have lifted mad shout about an energy crisis of all planet. "Н", "НГ" and "К" immediately have begun to rescue of the Earth and its(her) inhabitants, submitting is warmly equators in cold parts dry. All water of a planet began to leave in oceans, and the accidents, and horrors of fires on all Earth have begun.
The ruling structures of the states have begun to carry out(spend) from oceans of a pipe in the vital points for artificial submission of water. USA have begun to create ideologies more three billions superfluous people of Asia.
"Н" And "НГ" have understood ложь of sciences and "great" географов about a level of oceans and have begun from June 22 it, 2012, intensively to submit a moisture on a planet from Atlantic and Arctic Region from coast of Greenland and Arctic Region in a direction of northwest of Europe and Russia on their southeast.
The planet immediately began to be cooled and to be humidified.
In Europe, since this time, go continuously wait, reaching(achieving) distant boundaries of southern points of Great Russia, Asia, southeast Asia and Africa.
Now planet is rescued in a general view.
Certainly, "Н", "НГ" and "К" only - only begin to get new experience of adjustment of a climate of a planet. The old, false sciences and false information, alongside with a brake of negative layers of hostile layers of "scientist" of the world, extremely complicate work "Н", "НГ" and "К".
In spite of on anything, "Н", "НГ" and "К" work, humidify and cool a planet in a hot season.
We notice and we help them and planet!
Only artificial submission of water on land from oceans rescues life on a planet.
We work all!



24.07.2012г. 6:46
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of sixteen degrees.
Moscow has received this month eight days with rains, trying to leave on daily having watered, fixed in the summer by a nature for normal life of the man, флоры and фауны.
His(its) grandmother per far fiftieth years, itself making daily having watered plants and showing practical experience learned(taught) "НГ" this strong results of crops плодовых, vegetable and other useful cultures. She(it) demonstrated a miracle of air of a kitchen garden with his(its) plentiful By oxygen. Организм could not надышаться. From a kitchen garden it would not be desirable to leave in stuffy, hot, dusty and гадкое village with his(its) fatally beautiful houses, fences, roads and inhabitants. In a kitchen garden worked кругооборот of water with the microcategories of invisible electrical pressure(voltage) of capacities паров of water. Water was decomposed to components with oxygen and озоном.
This experience now "НГ" transfers on all planet.
"Н", "НГ" and "К" since June 22, 2012 submit a moisture both cool from northern and northwest directions of Atlantic and Arctic Region on Europe and Asia, automatically covering all planet on ring movement.
As soon as "Н", "НГ" and "К" stop, Sun, and space immediately begin to kill a planet by heat and radiation in this years(summer) time.
Are крикуны and villains interfering to work "Н", "К" and "НГ".
They knock, shout, that freeze, that Moscow fills in, etc. etc.
These monsters, and differently them to not name, the drops do not know the laws of gravitation, hydraulics, теплотехники and other sciences, and лезут " in all дырки ".
Think, недоумки, that water leaves from a land in oceans and she(it) needs to be submitted on land only by forces and энергиями of human hands and consciousness. 
Any other essence it can not do(make). Water at oceans, without кругооборота in an atmosphere, rots, чернеет and forms huge capacities раковых of crates killing all alive and growing. She(it) needs to be moved through an atmosphere, land and rivers for continuous очищения and development.
Drops, jet, their weights, at the movement in an atmosphere by the huge sizes of clouds, form any varied capacities of condensers. As a result of it there are electrical categories макро and micro-sizes attracting manufacture of oxygen and озона of huge scales for life of the man, флоры and фауны.
The plants too give oxygen, but infinitesimal of sizes in comparison with huge weights of clouds by a drop and паров of water.
Water, moving with a land in oceans, gives energy to the man, rivers, флоре and фауне by various variants. She(it) also supersedes petroleum and other useful substances from depths of the Earth on its(her) surface, and makes indefinitely many other kinds of works.
Stop works "Н", "НГ" and "К", bastards. You immediately will result a planet in accidents and consecutive destruction. You would like it? You мерзнете at day time temperature plus 20 - 24 degrees on Цельсию?
To you morning temperatures 13 - 17 degrees, are too small? To you hour, daily, evening having watered Moscow is her(it) заливание?
You on fields, kitchen gardens, in a taiga were? You have got used at мамочки under юбочкой to live and at папочки under крылышком!
Maximum point dry is in Улан-Баторе. It mass epidemics and have shown to death of the people in the spring it, 2012. In Улан-Баторе then temperature on twenty degrees was lower, than on North Pole, on which was about a minus to ten - twenty degrees. Лютый the cold Улан-Батора fell by a jet, length more than ten thousand kilometers on the South of Russia, Оренбуржью, Central Asia, Kazakhstan. For the first time, for all history of the Earth, the Black sea has frozen. Sochi and Odessa have freezed at temperatures below minus of ten degrees.
It happened as a result of noise, thunder, knocks and shouts of the largest groups of the stupid bastards with мантиями of the great scientists and governors, with grades, posts, ranks, rights and other бумажками.
At "НГ" were completely blocked reason and hands, крутежами бытовиков, pension funds of scientific establishments, mass media and other imperous structures. It(he) has risen and was ill. "НГ" up to средины of January, 2012 held temperature about zero of degrees in Moscow. The bastards орали, rattled, knocked and зверствовали. They deduced(removed) the theories global потеплений by gases and other глупенькими by inventions.
March 2 "НГ" have given the first pension. It(he) has joined in submission of heat, being in a hardest illness. Gradually, the planet began to recover. But year of parade of planets! The new difficulties and tasks go continuously by flows. And here again rotten крикуны I begin орать, that weather itself is done(made), that them fills in also by him(it) coldly!
Only daily, years(summer) having watered all land of a planet will allow it(her) normally to live and to exist. She(it) will be reserved флорой and фауной, energy of other kinds and forms, and will manage to remain the year round бесснежной, giving crops for life of the man, флоры and other kinds. Certainly, that with средины of August and till May, 2012 it is necessary "Н", "НГ" and "К" to submit equatorial and other heat on Moscow, Russia and planet. But by him(it) it will do(make) much more easy, if they will give enough moisture in the summer on huge open spaces of Great Russia and other parts of a planet.
Now there is a precise prospect of reception of the first experience бесснежной of Moscow 2012 - 2013. It will be possible it to make "Н", "НГ" and "К" till May, 2013, means, in one year the planet will leave on an absolutely new mode of life in space.
Do not prevent, bastards! Stop звереть, to knock, to rattle костями and languages. Work!
We work, gods! Гоним a moisture up to Улан-Батора!



The prevention(warning) "Н" and "НГ"!

4:32 11.08.2012г.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of fourteen degrees.
11.08.2012г. 3:59
Крикуны, other figures and the various conditions have compelled "НГ" to stop and to not submit a moisture with a cool on Russia through Europe from Atlantic and Arctic Region with July 23 and till August 4 it, 2012. The ruthless sun сожгло also has destroyed much флоры and фауны.
August 4 it, 2012, "НГ", "Н" and "К" again have renewed submission of this moisture and cool.
8 and August 9 they have stopped for check of the action. The sun again has struck ruthlessly.
August 10 "Н", "НГ" and "К" have continued submission specified of a moisture and cool.
Proceeding from the submitted results of researches and conclusions, "Н" and "НГ" warn the inhabitants of a planet, that since today will submit a moisture and cool on Moscow and Russia the year round, using various ways. Prepare, "sirs", for regular, almost daily deposits, with plentiful crops, the year round and on all planet!
To the fans(amateurs), "meetings" and "гуляний", more place on a planet will not be!
24.08.2012г. 6:01.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of twelve degrees.
This month "Н", "НГ" and "К" have submitted to Moscow thirteen days with rains. It already is more, than in September or October of the last year. "Н", "НГ" and "К" plan all autumn, winter and spring of this year to submit waters of Atlantic on Russia, and along all northern coast of Russia, which is stretched on tens thousand kilometers. It will allow practically to kindle ice of Arctic Region and seas Northern Ледовитого of ocean washing all North of Russia. The Arctic Region this winter can be with temperature of zero of degrees, if not is higher! Greenland and Northern America can become warm autumn, winter and spring this year.
It will allow to compensate losses of crops of a planet of a summer(years) it, 2012 and even to collect vast crops the year round. Is not present, and will not be global потеплений, похолоданий of a planet and раскачиваний of its(her) axis, about what lift shout in the Internet! Will be extreme heavy and hard work "Н", "НГ" and "К", saving a planet from destruction!
Observe the accelerated movement of waters of Atlantic along coasts of England, Greenland, Scandinavia and all North of Russia! Simultaneously, observe, often enough, rains in Europe and Russia!
The inclinations of an axis of a planet and change of its(her) speeds of movements automatically vary, according to works "Н", "НГ" and "К"! North of Russia, for the first time, can become this autumn, winter and spring, warm, поливным and fruitful! All Russia can this year, all autumn, winter and spring to become years(summer), warm and поливной! Be prepared for crops in Europe and Russia in the autumn, winter and spring! But remember: " Береженого, the God protects "! Europe and Russia can leave on a new level of natural riches, but only under condition of continuous work "Н", "НГ" and "К"! Other parts of a planet, thus, automatically will receive the shares of natural riches.
The most important task "Н", "НГ" and "К" in it, most complex(difficult) астрологически to year - to keep life on a planet.
The plans of improvements of a climate of a planet this year is a maximum of their aspirations.
24.08.2012г. 6:46.
25.08.2012г. 12:02.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature of air - plus of eighteen degrees.
At submission of waters of Atlantic, along coasts of Europe, Scandinavia and all North of Russia, there is a natural question: " by What way these waters can come back back, under condition of balance? " You see Берингов a strait very narrow, in comparison with space between Greenland and Scandinavia, through which these waters along the specified coasts move. It(he) will not allow all waters to come back back, around of Eurasia. This question has forced "Н" and "НГ" to refuse such technology of protection of Russia from fatal colds and infernal, all of burning heat of the Sun of the past and позапрошлого of years. The same question has set "НГ" one of these days one of сильнейших of the experts of a planet.
The decision has appeared ingeniously simple. It is necessary to submit only top layers of waters of Atlantic. They will be cooled by Arctic Region, and to come back back by bottom layers of the seas and oceans. It is simultaneously necessary to submit on land of Europe and Russia, cloud and cloud of water for полива of a land, rains.
Then there is a number(line) new, processes in a nature, and technical decisions.
Флора and фауна will is global to move the year round by new ways.
Simultaneously there are many ways and technical decisions for movings ocean, sea and passing means.
The driven bottom and top layers of waters, can move the appropriate means without application of expenses on moving with the certain speeds. There will be new ways, device, design and technology of creation of means of moving.
In total some days of trial hours of works "Н", "НГ" and "К" in a new direction management of weather both climate, and the effect is obvious! Normal temperature in Europe, Russia, in Arctic Region and other parts of a planet is stabilized!
Recently arising frosts of North of Russia, already have disappeared. "Н", "НГ" and "К" submitted northern colds on Russia for its(her) rescue from mad heat of solar beams. The southern parts of Europe and Russia were in fires, not having time to receive a moisture both cool of Atlantic and Arctic Region, and the frosts already beat on all directions on Russia. The new decision allows by the best way to protect Europe and Russia from fatal beams of the Sun and frosts of space.
The effect proves to be true by real process of change of a climate in the best party, by reaction of the population of Moscow.
Грибники and the summer residents of Moscow, in these target(day off) amicably have rushed to a nature!
One of these days it to do(make) was still riskyly. That infernal heat of the sun, temperature is not higher plus of five degrees in the morning, even at the centre of Moscow, Kept muscovites in warm apartments.
The plans "Н" and "НГ" of deduction of damp and warm weather in Europe and Russia, autumn both winter, and next spring, become more real! We notice and we remember the facts!
25.08.2012г. 12:53.


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