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Again about weather in Moscow from 5:35 22.06.2012г.

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_5:12 22.06.2012г. Знайка1298
" In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus fourteen and a half of degrees.
Last years, and the academician Л. and many scientific planets continuously is especial the last year твердили about апокалипсисе 2012 and the next years, including 2013.
In 2010 terrible years(summer) heat with huge fires, smoke and гарью in Moscow and on all To planet, have compelled "Н", "НГ" and "К" to join and to adjust a climate of Moscow and Russia intensive By works.
As a result of these works, the summer of 2011 for Moscow and Russia has appeared immeasurably is more damp and More cool in view of that a certain astrologist Рю predicted to Moscow and Russia in the summer and autumn 2011 terrible heat, fires, smoke, гарь and continuous, continuous, mass (as to the flies) Death and horrors, muscovites and Russians. To it(him) it has not passed.
From fires, гари and smoke, Moscow and Russia were rescued per 20011 years by works "Н", "НГ" and "К".
Mass наезды of many structures and озлобленных of the people since March and is especial of December, 2011 on "НГ", Have made the dirty business. In February and March, 2012 in Moscow, Russia and on all planet Mass epidemics from frosts raged.
In Moscow, in 2010, June 22, at five o'clock in the morning was plus of twenty degrees, in the same time, In 2011, plus of seventeen degrees, and now, in this is high time, for two and a half Than degree is lower.
Work "Н", "НГ", "К", the normal representatives of mankind and space, sweep away away The astrological and other forecasts, showing управляемость by any processes of space and Planets with the help of activity of hands, body and consciousness.
Due to the publications about works and technologies "Н", "НГ" and "К", the mankind is included more actively In regulation of a climate of a planet and space.
It allows to liberate some time "Н" and "НГ", and to publish materials of adjustment of weather And results of works on electronics, power, and other new sciences of infinite energy Points.
Today экстремум of heat on a planet.
"Н" And "НГ" again are included more actively in adjustment of a climate, taking into account spring epidemics and forecasts The astrologists about апокалипсисе 2012 - 2013.
Means, publication, on electronics, power and new sciences of a point, will be on the second plan.
Despite of many preventions(warnings), some forums in the Internet are obstinate and озлобленно put The mass insults "Н" and "НГ", обгаживая "Эфалд", anonymously transforming it(him) in пакость, in кликухи And other мерзость. For it "Н" and "НГ" will punish the owners of these dirty forums, their accomplices and The appropriate persons of ruling classes of a planet. But all the time. "Н" and "НГ" put regular The impacts on the specified figures and those are cleaned(removed) from a planet.
Now important отвратить апокалипсис to train mankind and nature of a planet for deduction Normal climate. All rest minor and parallel.
We work!
6:23 22.06.2012г.



28.06.2012г. 5:59:18. Urgent, special release.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus fourteen and a half of degrees.
"Н", "НГ" and "К" since June 22 it, 2012 successfully hold северо - western direction of winds on Moscow, wide front banishing on it(her) a cool from Greenland and North Pole.
As a result of such work almost all Europe, Moscow, Russia and even Юго - East Asia receive a moisture of oceans and cool.
"НГ" believed in the beginning of spring of this year, that is necessary to hold in Moscow temperature 20 - 25 degrees and began it to carry out. But feeling of heat and
Sensations of troubles did not give it(him) of rest. It is not enough of experience in of this business.
Yesterday "НГ" has looked in the Internet the message on fires in USA and Russia.
There are such messages on June 12, 2012. Now in USA storm fires, and in Russia on June 12, it appears there was terrible пожароопасная conditions with 129 fires in Siberia and Оренбуржье.
The observers cooperating with "НГ" anything such did not hear on ТВ to channels, daily them looking through.
Means, информслужбы of a planet hide the information.
In time "НГ", "К" and "Н", чутьем and correctly have joined in a new direction - to hold damp and cool weather in Moscow, by submission of a cold of Greenland and North Pole. Let cool, but not fires both heat. Vegetables and fruit,
Milk, vegetative and other food will be enough, if "Н", "К" and "НГ" can the year round keep about such weather in Moscow.
Further they will correct weather that weather is necessary perfect, not hot and not морозная to all Russia and all planet.
"Н", "К" and "НГ" began to hold a cool. At once have fallen silent the intrigues of campaign of installation of counters of water.
"НГ" 60 years study all materials of a climate of Moscow and Russia. It(he) perfectly knew, that in недрах of the Earth water suffices and believed, that will give temperature in Moscow 25 - 30 degrees the year round with perfect solar days. So it(he) began to do(make) in 2010. Has appeared, that water in недрах of the Earth in general is not present also Earth is fed only at the expense of rains, regularly receiving them from oceans through clouds. Where your internal messages of oceans with your level of oceans of water in колодцах, sirs of the geocolumn - пустозвоны? There is no ocean underground water, трепачи!
Means, "К", "Н" and "НГ" will be гнать a moisture of oceans on Moscow, Europe and Russia with Северо - West!
With средины of August, "К", "Н" and "НГ" will be switched, and till June, 2013 will be гнать on Moscow, Europe and Russia is warm Equators of the Earth, if some correction for warm and damp weather, though - in Moscow and Russia, the year round, without heat and frosts again is not required.
"НГ" has given a number(line) of the publications on creation of an independent, portable source of infinite energy of a point. It is time to undertake intensively weather.
Экстремум of heat пройден by the Earth of June 22. The possible(probable) sudden impacts of heat of July and August with fires and катаклизмами to Moscow and Russia are not necessary.
Only let sirs, with high profits and salaries, lips do not unroll. "Н" them will destroy ruthlessly @ concentric and other энергиями. Equality - свято. These sirs drops of advantage(benefit) do not give, so them not a place on a planet!
Main measured the awards - opening! There are no them is receive equally! The parasites it is visible without devices and shadowing. They need to be destroyed!
Let in USA they will reflect, what such masters on a planet! What their gods pass(miss) heat and frosts in cities and staffs(states) of richest and greatest America? Means are insolvent?
We work, gods! Is not present to heat and frosts for Moscow and Russia the year round!



28.06.2012г. 8:50:12.
"Н", "К" and " НГ have included a moisture and cool on Moscow and Russia with Северо - West. Even in Хайфе send rains, and it in the most hot season!
Such decision is much better. A moisture and cool Atlantic, and Северно - Ледовитого of oceans will allow vegetation and fauna of Europe and Asia to get stronger and to resist to infernal colds of space.
Everyone know, that in the autumn, during often rains, vegetative and the fauna develops most actively. The mushrooms, berries, fruits of trees and bushes, vegetable cultures, fish and animal, and also other forms of life triumph during a damp climate. The summer residents in a rate, that than are more having watered, the more crops.
The strong, mighty and plentiful vegetation protects ground natural парниками and conditioners.
"К", "Н" and "НГ" can not physically submit continuously moisture and cool on Moscow and Russia. Means, of solar flows will be enough during breaks of actions "Н", "К" and "НГ". Let does not frighten, that in some separate small points of Far North of Russia will be слабенькие frosts summer. When since August "Н", "К" and "НГ" will begin to submit on Moscow and Russia warmly equators of the Earth, in those points temperature, the minimum will be kept, if not will be raised.
Main, that the basic territory of Russia will be warm and damp the year round.
The experience of work, "Н", "НГ" and "К", allows confidently to predict such results.
We notice and we work. " Years(summer) day - the year feeds! " We shall make in the years(summer) afternoon - the year round!



In Moscow there is a rain!

29.06.2012г. 14:17:13.
Four years "Н", "НГ" and "К" demonstrate to a planet and all space of an opportunity of adjustment of weather and climate, publishing the results.
The scientific planets obstinately continue to be silent, seeing the incontestable facts. They have swallowed languages?
The man has found huge клад with infinite riches. Whom it(he) can declare it for the fixed compensation? Similar, that it(him) simply will rob completely!
The sites are blocked maximum. The information is plundered and is used secretly. Electronics sold in the markets, only secret, without the circuits and almost all without the instructions in Russian. The theft of works эфалд is too obviously expressed, in which the absolute amplifiers and other circuits are demonstrated. Without these amplifiers to not receive any competitive electronic device. ворюги! And what scales? About what democracy goes треп? What validity on a planet and for whom?
In Russia already for a long time sell water to the citizens, tearing off with them of thousand roubles monthly, and now also the counters of water in each apartment try to insert.
How many you, the sirs ворюги, pay "Н", "НГ" and "К" for regular submission of water in Russia with, Atlantic and Северно - Ледовитого, oceans?
And than pay for heat in other periods?
Sit in soft armchairs and хапаете hundred thousand roubles monthly for тыканье of fingers in buttons of votings, calling itself national избранниками?!
Badly it! Ай, it is bad!



30.06.2012г. 4:47:37.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus twelve and a half of degrees.
Perfectly! Means, work "Н", "К" and "НГ" go correctly. Waters of Atlantic and Arctic Region act in Russia, проникая is deep on the South of Russia.
In Kazan and Самаре there are rains. Оренбуржье a beginning to be cooled and синоптики predict there too speed rains. Tashkent and Alma-Ata too in a zone of rains. The continuous front of rains, continuously acts in Russia from Atlantic and Arctic Region. Perfectly! The crop will be! Soon the year round Russia will receive heat and moisture!
China and Japan too not сачкуют. In Tokyo and Pekin temperature about plus of twenty five degrees in the afternoon.
But in Delhi and Bagdad of business are extremely bad. There, day, temperature reaches(achieves) plus of forty two degrees. Extremely badly work there жрецы and psychics.
"НГ" by him(it) demonstrated the last year, in this it is high time, as it is necessary to submit there moisture of the Indian ocean. They do not penetrate into essence!
The rivers whence undertake? Than only it do not explain, but overlook(forget), that only кругооборот of water works. The moisture of oceans acts on land as rains, which come back in oceans as the rivers.
Recollect 2010! "НГ", relying on праведность географов, began to give only warmly in Russia. Than it was terminated? The governors of Russia have rushed to prepare for mass destruction of the people. Began to drag to itself in Moscow huge pipes from Arctic Region. Same mister Сталин was engaged also, dig(rummage) channels from Arctic Region in Moscow for a type арыков of Central Asia.
The gods of USA have penetrated into essence and too have begun to submit to staffs(states) a moisture of oceans.
Already real shift!
National избранники should show a real example of the concrete submission of a moisture of oceans by the handles. Арыки, channels and the pipes will not rescue from heat and frosts. The engineering all will rise in heat and frosts. Except for hands, nothing will help. " And is gratuitous! " Will suffice хапать national money and blood! Work the sirs, or die. So all spoke to children Оренбуржья per the fiftieth years. This орлы at once are begun орать, that by(with) they children in space. So die, if not work, as children Оренбуржья and other areas of Russia, from which you drink blood ruthlessly and which kill by round-the-clock work on itself, many summers(years).
The engineering is secondary. Weather and climate are primary and are done(made) only by palms of hands. The engineering only allows more actively пожирать results of work of palms of hands with weather! Clearly by all? Or even more in detail to chew тунеядство one and slavish work others. That to be carried as Гапона on the areas! By palms plough, умник. What to write out rules пожираний and sharing of results of work of another's palms? By the palms plough!
Forward and not мудрите. You, most? Prove by the palms!
Constantly and gratuitously!



30.06.2012г. 7:32:18.
Immediately заскулили, завизжали, заверещали the bastards, that by him(it) лакомств will not be, that in Leningrad of anomaly of a cold.
What you юродствуете? The Leningrad area the last year burned! On June 12 it, 2012 in Russia there were 129 largest centers of fires. Гибли the people and nature. You have more death and it would be desirable horrors? On itself test. подыхайте, burn and choke from гари. Still мразь, so мразь!
Leningrad is almost Far North and there always it should be cold. It оплот of North of Russia created on костях of Russian people, Петром by First. If there жарко in the summer, then, all Russia already burns and полыхает. Stop to cause anomalies in Russia. Only northern and northwest winds, with a moisture and rains, bear(carry) life of all Russia. Other variant is not given, and more will not be differently world(global) with the wolves, " … as снявши a skin from them долой ". Крылов is perfect! Заврались of the geocolumn about presence of underground communication(connection) of waters of a land and ocean. Have checked up it them вранье " Н "," НГ "and" К " in 2010 and in 2011. They, hoping on underground communication(connection) of waters of a land and oceans, have given those years only warmly equators of the Earth in Russia. Moscow and Russia were not watered. There was nothing them to water. There is no water under ground in Russia, other, than from rains.
The textbooks copy, умники! 
Зря channels dug Сталин by hands of the Russian people, killing their weights? It(he), with three classes церковно-приходской of school, was is cleverer "Great" географов. Russia the fires hardly was not destroyed. Will suffice empty трепа. Real weather is done(made) now. The south of Russia and Great Siberia, only - only begin to receive a moisture of Arctic Region and Atlantic. And it, thanking чутью "НГ", "К" and "Н". They чутьем have caught the latent information on fires of Russia two weeks back, and immediately have begun to give Russia a moisture and cool of Arctic Region and Atlantic, having checked up чутье in the Internet by viewing of the information about fires and temperatures of cities of Russia. Only in two weeks began to receive a moisture of Atlantic and Arctic Region, southern areas of Russia. Break off, мерзкие of subquality work of a nature. You already натрепались about huge потеплениях, about glaciers and other bosh, and only drink another's blood through economy and jurisprudence, rule and voting, with the help of armies and police, courts and other нечисти.
Work the palms and hold the year round warmly and moisture in Russia, or подохнете under impacts of palms and biofields present - the gods and people.
On North Pole плюсовая temperature, and it(he) on many thousand kilometers to the north of Leningrad. Will suffice empty трепа! Will not freeze, neither your Leningrad, nor your Europe, but only only become стройнее, more beautifully, is stronger also richman, from a moisture and cool in the summer, and from heat and moisture in the winter! Temperature is higher plus of three degrees in North of Russia is already life and riches, if so it is necessary, that was not in Russia of fires summer and frosts in the winter.
Reaches, at last, your chicken brains with filled терабайтами of the another's formulas, equations, theories, fairy tales and other stuff?



6:33 01.07.2012г.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus thirteen and a half of degrees.
"Н", "К" and "НГ" work and give a moisture with a cool to Moscow and Russia, automatically cooling hot USA, Canada, Cuba, Europe, Asia and part of Africa!



01.07.2012г. 8:18.
It is really not clear, that the geocolumns are simply illiterate. They only can ground dig, compose небылицы, начитываться of the ridiculous compositions primitive полуобезьян and be admired дрянью about underground communications(connections) of waters of oceans, having found out their rare phenomena in separate, is insignificant the small sizes? They are absolutely far from physics, mathematics, chemistry, and especially from electronics, power, not speaking about new sciences. They love is, to sleep, блаженствовать, to be treated and to enjoy, to dominate and to subordinate. To them listen, read and study their compositions, and it is necessary to liquidate result - апокалипсис, which by boundless work "Н", "К" and "НГ".
Now and " козе it is clear ", that will be озон on a planet, due to new directions of works "Н", "К" and "НГ", which rotate wide front of a moisture and cool, strip, from southern areas of Greenland, up to North Pole - in a direction from northwest of Russia on its(her) southeast.
As a result of it there is a movement of wide front of a moisture and cool of this direction around of all planet. Naturally, Canada,
USA, Europe, Asia, part of Africa, Japan, Southern America and other Parts
Light, receive a moisture and cool in infernal апокалипсическое time.
Vegetation, animal and other world of a planet оживают, giving oxygen, озон, every possible riches and miracles to all planet.
Radiation is washed off by water. It is everyone know, studying in schools and HIGH SCHOOLS materials on protection against the weapon of a mass defeat. The planet is cleared and triumphs!
Now waters will be enough, and sun suffices! The crops become again
Plentiful. The era коммунизма comes inevitably and without any authors формаций! Формации occur as a result of work and present opening.
We work, gods! 1,5 months and again will be be necessary to increased by(with) heat by Moscow and Russia, alternating(interleaving) it(him) with submission of a moisture. So it is necessary to work the year round, improving systems of regulation of a climate, weather and other processes on a planet, and in space (макро, микро, нано, пико etc.).



02.07.2012г. 5:21
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of twenty degrees.
Wind northeast. Дождевые of a cloud of northern directions arrive in Moscow.
It is not necessary especially to experience! Yesterday and the day before yesterday "Н", "НГ" and "К" were engaged in oral works with consciousness of a society(community). July with mass harvest(cleaning) in Russia grain - grain cultures - пшеницы and ржи began. Till September it is necessary to work especially. The alternations of hot and rainy strips of days are necessary. The heat is necessary for fast drying of stalks and ears grain, that the combines them could обмолачивать. The rains are necessary, that the planet should do not perish from a drought.
It means, that it is necessary to the psychics to work with a climate and weather many hours round day, except for dream and reception of food, till September.
Then, by the previous years, in the beginning of October again will strike a glacier, with which till June of the next year will be necessary to struggle. The share of the gods - psychics - электронщиков is those which understand of energy of electromagnetic spectra of space and planet. Others study and are engaged in traditional systems for a primitive survival, consumption of kinds энергий, created by these gods.
We work, gods! We train other population! So learned(taught) the students on радиофаках, speaking them, that you will construct коммунизм - complete abundance of kinds, useful to the man, of energy in space and on a planet.
Короста - the superstructures, are created by the parasites of a society(community) on works of the gods, automatically, feeling tasty лакомства. With them we work in parallel and also powerfully, forcing them to study electronics, to work with electronics and weather or to be cleaned(removed) from a planet.



03.07.2012г. 6:00
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of twenty one degrees.
Wind northwest. Дождевые of a cloud of northwest directions, strips go through Moscow on a southeast for ring movement of a moisture and cool of wide front around of all planet.
We work all!
It will be now very difficult! 1,5 months of almost round-the-clock work of submission of a moisture and cool, strips. It is necessary to clean(remove) grain and to not allow be to a drought with fires!
It is a task for all people and gods of a planet!
Let's execute her(it) with honour and advantage, understanding mistakes географов about ostensibly океанических waters inside ground. Waters go from ocean, it is valid. But they need to be submitted through дождевые of a cloud. And they are farther by the rivers will go to oceans. The circulation, which is done(made) with forces and энергиями of the people - gods.


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