Бесконечная энергия точки.Зиновьев В.П.

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Great "secrets" potential энергий of points.

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At the first lesson of the tenth class, average, ten years' school, the electrical machine of the categories of tens thousand Volt is demonstrated at rotation of two disks from оргстекла. On surfaces of disks are put секторы from metal, from which by brushes remove an electrical charge by wires and submit it(him) on лейденские banks, by which the metal balls for demonstration of the high-voltage category are connected.
Occurrence of high-voltage charges, on a surface of sectors, explain by friction of brushes about a surface диэлектрических of disks, not opening deep secret of reception of a high pressure(voltage) in sectors.
By similar friction explain formation(education) of high-voltage charges in грозовых clouds, on clothes, in crystals of silicon, in capacities of combustible materials etc.
The author represents an explanation of these phenomena more in detail, on the basis of knowledge of high school, using the school textbooks and directories on physics for learning average educational institutions.
The relative electrical charge is really formed as a result of relative movement of points, on their surfaces.
But in the school textbooks and directories on physics there is a formula C = Q/U, which is studied in high school. In the formula: With - capacity of the electrical condenser. Q - electrical charge, and U - pressure(voltage) on it(him) обкладках (plates).
The same formula can be presented so: U = Q/C.
Now it is obvious, that, at constant size of a charge, the size of a pressure(voltage) in обкладках (plates) of the condenser is increased at reduction of his(its) capacity.
Means, if the condenser to charge and to increase distance between his(its) plates, the size of a pressure(voltage), between обкладками (plates) of the condenser, will be increased.
Metal секторы of the submitted electrical machine represent driven обкладки (plate) of various condensers.
It is natural, that the high pressure(voltage) of these condensers are formed as a result of periodic increase of distances between their plates.
The similar phenomena occurs as a result of movement грозовых of clouds, on clothes, in crystals of silicon, in capacities of combustible materials, on electrodes of welding units at switching electrodes, on inductance at its(her) switching, in electrical sockets at their switching etc.
The points always have various potentials rather each other. At increase of distance between points, the electrical pressure(voltage) between them is increased. It also is potential energy. Electrical, mutual potential of points, at their relative movement, changes.
The knowledge of problems of switching индуктивностей for research of questions of creation controlled, independent, portable source of infinite energy of a point is increased.
  The energy of switching increases electrical potential of switched inductance. It is necessary to take into account losses of energy of switching at account of balance of work of the circuit.
The submitted knowledge allows the man better to own processes of a nature of electrical, potential energy.



20.06.2012 19:55:39
If the condenser to charge and to increase distance between it(him) обкладками (plates), the size of a pressure(voltage), between обкладками (plates) of the condenser, will be increased.
The size of a pressure(voltage), between обкладками (plates) of the condenser of the charged condenser, will decrease at reduction of distance between his(its) plates.
The size of a charge on обкладках (plates) of the condenser remains constant at change of distance between it(him) обкладками (plates).
This effect can be used for creation of new generators of energy without bulky magnets and coils индуктивностей.

Let's consider more in detail process of increase of energy of the charged condenser at increase of distance between it(him) обкладками (plates), since his(its) capacity thus decreases and there is a doubt of increase of his(its) energy.
Let's increase distance between обкладками (plates) of the charged condenser. Let's receive the increased pressure(voltage) of the condenser nU and his(its) proportional reduced capacity C/n.
The current of a charge is calculated under the formula I = QT, where Т - time.
Energy of the category of the condenser: Е = UIT = nUQTT.
T = RC, where R resistance of loading of a circuit of the category of the condenser.
The pressure(voltage) has increased in n of time. Capacity has decreased in n of time. But for preservation of size of a current of the category it is necessary to increase R in n of time. The time of the category, identical current, does not change.
Thus, the sizes Q and time T are kept, and the pressure(voltage) U grows.
Means, the energy of the charged condenser grows at increase of distance between it(him) обкладками (plates).
It is possible to create new kinds of generators of energy on controlled condensers of variable capacity.
The circuitry of such generators will have set of directions.
Modern нанотехнологии allow to create such generators
Various kinds and designs.
This new direction of development of systems of vibrating and gravitational generators энергий.
The natural and artificial vibrating processes in a nature, engineering, facilities(economy) and in a life have no limits.
The energy crisis is settled(exhausted) at introduction of new generators on controlled condensers of variable capacity in sufficient scales.



21.06.2012г. 20:11:39
         Theoretical source of energy of a new direction with
                                                                            In infinite EFFICIENCY.

This new direction of development of systems of vibrating and gravitational generators энергий allows to create, theoretically, new source of energy with infinite EFFICIENCY (efficiency).
After judgement of a new principle of reception of electrical energy, method of change of distances between обкладками (plates) of the charged electrical condenser, it is required to present a principle of action of the real device.
For this purpose it is necessary to consider(examine) a picture of physical process (техпроцесса) of a charge, movement and category обкладок (plates) of the electrical condenser.
At first it is necessary to submit on his(its) plates required quantity(amount) of an electrical charge for reception of the certain pressure(voltage) between plates.
Then, mechanical way, it is necessary to increase distance between plates and to remove(take off) electrical energy of this condenser on loading.
Further it is required periodically to repeat this process.
There is a number(line) of variants of circuitry of a design and technology of performance of this process by the real device.
First of all, it is necessary to stop on the elementary circuit with a source of a pressure(voltage), condenser, diode, резистивной by loading (two, consistently connected resistors) and mental mechanical system of change of distance between plates of the condenser.
From a source of a pressure (voltage), through the diode and one of two, consistently connected resistors, is charged the condenser.
The mechanical system moves apart plates of the condenser up to meaning (importance) of a pressure(voltage) between them, at which, through both resistors, the current of an electrical charge from plates on a source of a pressure(voltage) can proceed.
Further power supply is switched from a mode of a charge of plates, to reception of energy by the category of plates, through both resistors.
The power supply receives complete indemnification of the spent energy.
The mechanical system will spend energy theoretically equal to energy of reception by a source of energy through both resistors.
How many energy has given out a source of a pressure(voltage) and mechanical system, as much of energy in the sum, back has received a source of a pressure(voltage) and two resistors at the category of plates.
But the charge of the condenser proceeded through one of resistors from a source of a pressure(voltage). This resistor receives additional electrical energy. She(it) was not taken into account in balance энергий of system!
At theoretical absence of other losses, from zero have received electrical energy. The attitude(relation) of the certain size of energy to zero is an infinity.
The theoretically infinite EFFICIENCY of such circuit is logically received!
Further there is a conclusion:
It is an obviously gravitational source of energy. It(he) can fly on gravitation!
It is necessary to present the real gravitational device on condensers!
Theoretically such device is already received on coils of inductance and is checked up practically, in laboratory conditions.
Logically, it is theoretically simple to construct and such device on condensers.
Business now behind practice and concrete variants!



   The practical circuit of the capacitor generator of electrical energy.


On the circuit: С1 and С2 - condensers of variable capacity (КПЕ); R - resistor.

On a site the videorollers with concrete checks of such circuit and separately КПЕ are submitted. Only there condenser С1 was of constant capacity.
In a roller: С1 was capacity 0.15 мкФ; R = 7.5 whom; С2 consist of two plates of an aluminium foil of a wrapper of chocolate, sizes of the parties 15 см and 22 see. The plates were pasted on two next pages of the book and were isolated other from other.
At movement of these pages, capacity С2 changed, causing electrical currents through the resistor R, and change of pressure(voltage) on С1 and С2 from a minus 140 милливольт, up to plus 140 милливольт.
At the termination(discontinuance) of movement of pages, currents and the pressure(voltage) disappeared, that testified to absence extraneous наводок on all elements of the circuit. Besides the digital voltmeter was connected between points AD and BD, consuming currents and appropriate to energy from the circuit. The circuit worked independently, without подпиток from the party.
In the textbooks of high school on physics the following formulas for electrical condensers are known:
U = Q/C; C = @S/d; where U - pressure(voltage) on the condenser; Q - size of an electrical charge on the condenser; With - capacity of the condenser; S - area of a plate of the condenser; d - distance between plates of the condenser; - диэлектрическая constant диэлектрика between plates of the condenser.
From physics the law of preservation of an electrical charge is known. That is the size of a charge Q in the electrical condenser always is present,
Since the plates of the electrical condenser consist of metal, in which always there are electrical charges as электронов of atoms of metals.
Actuating plates of the condenser, always it is possible to receive currents and pressure(voltage) of any sizes, depending on properties of elements of the condenser. About it speak the formulas. It is demonstrated by(with) videorollers.
In the circuit, represented on the given page, condensers С1 and С2 - both variable capacities. Changing capacities С1 and С2 in противофазе, it is possible twice to increase capacity and energy of the circuit.
Modern нанотехнологии allow to create КПЕ in thousand and millions time superior on capacity С1 and С2.
The checks with demonstration in rollers, have shown, that capacity and energy
The given circuit are approximately in square-law and even in биквадратичной of dependence on size of capacity.
Мега, гига and тераватты of the electric power of capacitor generators of the portable sizes, let while in the theory, but already occur.
The checks were carried out(spent) " on коленке ". The extremely small capacities for representation of real effect of work of a kept electrical charge resulting(bringing) to, unknown earlier, new knowledge of the attitudes(relations) in a nature of capacitor power were used.

26.06.2012г. 5:31:41
The videorollers demonstrate an opportunity of connection of an external source of a pressure(voltage) to points "А" and "D", through the diode, at constant meaning(importance) of capacity С1, with the purpose of increase of effect of use of small dimensions of capacities of the generator.
Nothing prevents to use the coil of inductance (transformer) instead of the resistor, and capacities С1 and С2 to execute by set isolated диэлектриком, on the areas, metal plates connected on edges(territories), электрически, гармошкой.
By handicraft way, " on коленке ", it is possible quickly to make such capacitor generator of the electric power of sufficient capacity and dimensions.
State science and industry, are capable to create highly effective generators, on many orders superior "самоварные" generators частников and кустарей in quality and quantity(amount).
The complex state scientific enterprises and the establishments, using results частников and кустарей, will create faster and more reliably all attributes for mass manufacture of generators.
Частники and кустари can give ideas, general(common) and private(individual) decisions in the publications, but ensure(supply) mass manufacture with all attributes of the design, technological documentation, технадзора etc., they be not capable. "Мурзилки" and the toys too are good, but reliability is necessity.
Частники and кустари can ensure(supply) госучреждения, new opening and inventions, which cannot, quickly be made in conditions of the requirements of reliability госсектора. But further, all questions of opening and introduction of the inventions are decided(solved) only by state.
Only therefore author also publishes results of the opening and inventions.



27.06.2012г. 10:46:57
After research works with the help of heavy and bulky designs of capacitor generators in the usual school mechanics, becomes of electronic engineering, clear creation, and mechanics for reception of an independent portable source of infinite energy of a point.
In the submitted above circuit the principle of reception of electrical energy, mechanical movement обкладок (plates) of the condenser is demonstrated. In the text is spoken about necessity of addition of inductance and switching of modes for reception of the highly effective generator of electrical energy. The high pressure(voltage), large capacities КПЕ or high speeds of movement it(him) обкладок (plates) are required at the portable sizes of the device, completed for operation. The switchings require(demand) выполнений of synchronization and other conditions, practically by impracticable usual mechanics. The electronic mechanics is required!
The requirement of creation of the large capacities and high speeds of movement обкладок (plates) of the electrical condenser, result in the new decisions of power tasks.
About hundred years there are electronic vacuum and semi-conductor devices (lamp, transistors, тиристоры etc.), which carry out all functions of the condenser and change of his(its) capacity with required speeds (frequencies).
It is necessary to decide(solve) lamps громоздки, therefore task with application of transistors - most adaptive for the decision of tasks of power.
Operating currents of base and emitter of the transistor, it is possible to observe change of capacity between his(its) collector and emitter. The effect of movement of a collector and emitter - обкладок (plates) of the condenser of the transistor is observed.

In a fig. 1: G - source of a pressure(voltage); With - condenser of constant capacity; VD - diode; L - inductance; VT - transistor;
The generator of rectangular electrical pulses is connected to points And and In - base and emitter of the transistor.
At his(its) work the transistor changes capacity between a collector and emitter down to complete closing and opening of an electrical current. The inductance promotes process of creation on a collector of the transistor of high pressure(voltage) concerning his(its) emitter.
The diode VD does not pass(miss) electrical currents from a collector of the transistor on the condenser With and source of a pressure(voltage) G.
The transistor, theoretically successfully carries out all functions КПЕ on required speeds and within the limits of necessary массогабаритов.
Practically already are received and the weights of results on works in a new direction of capacitor generators энергий, with addition индуктивностей are submitted.
The set of the theoretical calculations and real tasks for reception of a portable, independent sample of a source of infinite energy of a point, from simple research of the capacitor generator of electrical energy has appeared.
Пройдены tasks of construction of absolute amplifiers for management of processes of generation and transfer of electrical energy also are successfully decided(successfully solved).
Are investigated and the new formulas, circuit and equation on various elements of electrical circuits are submitted, on a general review in the Internet.
The received materials are processed, are edited and it are represented in new kinds of the information.
The new theories, circuit, design and technology for termination(ending) a primary sample of an independent, portable source of infinite energy of a point with infinite EFFICIENCY prepare.
The new ideas of modulation, are checked partially up. The extremely high requirements of synchronization of parameters of pulses in many channels and circuits of the circuits, compel to make a delay of practical works.
Absence of sufficient knowledge at the experts owning power structures of a science and the states of a planet, force to spend invaluable time for these publications.
The mass laughter to a mountain scientific электронщиков during many decades above the present experts, takes away a lot of health and energy for выправления of their silly minds(wits) with huge memory of the empty information.
But, " Yet evening "!



14.10.2012 21:34
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature of air - plus of three degrees, and on a street. Цандера - plus of eight degrees. A wind southwest.
We see a difference of street temperature from the different parties, same apartment. The difference is equal to five degrees. Why?
The thermometer, измеряющий lower temperature on Star - ре, hangs behind glass of a window leaving on northwest. On this thermometer the cold components (infra-red beams, molecule etc.), going with cold northwest work.
The thermometer, измеряющий higher temperature on a street. Цандера, hangs for остекленной by a frame лоджии, leaving on a southwest. On this thermometer the thermal components (infra-red beams, molecule etc.), going with a warm southwest (from an atmosphere, from air and пр work.). Лоджия остеклена, утеплена by a tree and other thermal materials. On лоджии there is a refrigerator Орск-3, which motor warms лоджию. Knocks and other noise of this motor is not audible in an apartment. The refrigerator by months does not require(demand) defreezing. When it(he) stood in an apartment to defreeze it(him) it was necessary almost of time per one week. A roar of the motor did not allow in earnest to sleep and to think. Now хлопаний by a door of a refrigerator, noise of the motor, is not audible. The refrigerator does not borrow(occupy) the area in an apartment. On лоджии temperature is higher, than in the street, eight degrees and it at the constantly closed door лоджии in an apartment. Лоджия is warmed with a heat of the motor of a refrigerator and thermal components, warm southwest. Apartment утепляется such лоджией. Лоджия automatically raises also temperature of a street, blocks cold components of city and atmosphere. Temperature of an apartment is higher than temperature лоджии on some degrees. Not be утепления лоджии, temperature of an apartment would be much lower, than now!
We see effect остекления and утепления лоджии and installation there of refrigerator. She(it) остеклена by the thrown out neighbours, old Moscow, wooden frames with glasses. Утеплена лоджия by building solutions, polyethylene film and, thrown out neighbours, components of walls. The neighbours понаставили easily have thrown out western, easily passing a cold, plastic windows, and domestic wooden frames with glasses. It is worse than plastic of a tree under the thermal and other characteristics. It is known by(with) all designers. But plastic манит by beauty and smaller sizes. The tree is invaluable, against plastics. Everyone know, that the linen, clothes from х/б of a fabric, is incomparable of better plastic clothes and linen. Х/б the fabric contains components of a clap(cotton) and paper (same tree). The tree is easily processed, allows крепить various elements (for example, plastic, beautiful panels, screws, nails). Plastic by a dead subject costs(stands). It(him) do not touch. It(he) beautiful.


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