The contradictions in sciences.
                 The obvious contradictions of schools
The school (training) begins with subjects (in physics) and their account (in mathematics).
The mathematics works with numbers, algebraic fractions, equations etc.
Numerators and the denominators of fractions include letter designations of unknown numbers.
In existing standard mathematics:
It is impossible to divide into a multiplier containing infinity (except for exclusive cases of divisions).
It is impossible to multiply, to subtract and to put(fold) infinity.
The letters and the numbers include infinity, which by any conditions to not exclude by these rules of an interdiction умножений, additions, вычитаний of infinity and divisions on them.
The mathematics permits to multiply numbers, variable (or to divide) numerator and denominator into the same number, variable, not equal to zero.
The elementary school operates with variable, reducing them and forbidding in them of infinity, which cannot be be to be forbidden and permit(solved) to reduce. Same do(make) all schools, HIGH SCHOOLS and sciences.
The contradiction of the sanction and interdiction, allows to create new mathematics.
Physics, chemistry and other sciences apply inconsistent rules of mathematics and, thus, also allowing them to transform.
The practice uses a simultaneity of interdictions and sanctions!

Variable include infinity, which by any conditions to not exclude by these rules of an interdiction of additions, вычитаний of infinity and divisions on them.
Variable and the numbers are material in all measurements, and therefore include points, atoms with электронами, having uncertain infinity энергий of transitions.
These theoretically forbid of uncertainty to put(fold), to subtract, to multiply, to divide numbers and letters.
The practice removes these interdictions, proceeding from a reality and represented here works.
The works show indissoluble communication(connection) of the phenomena of an interdiction and resolutions of conflicts.
The attitudes(relation) in mathematics of a point are considered(examined) as proportions, fractions derivative. These attitudes(relations) do not take into account effect of preservation by change in an obvious kind, i.e. do not express, mathematical symbols, physical processes proceeding in real conditions.
As a result of a formal interdiction of operations with infinite sizes in the certain conditions the existing mathematics actually uses such operations in the latent kind.
It is observed, for example, at calculation of limits of functions, when at first reduce sizes, and then, ostensibly pass to calculation of limits with use of sizes with their functions of infinity. On infinity of the equal orders already have reduced in fractions under a kind of simple sizes, and then speak, that reduced simple sizes before transition to infinity.
But, infinity несократимы and the contradiction remains, though the mathematics practically is applied.

The physics запросто neglects the sizes (sizes) of a point, not wishing a strong-willed way of neglect to consider(count) of infinite its(her) energy following from infinity of movement.
Vacuum she(it) can consider(count) as any body, as will wish by conditions of the tasks, for example, enters categories, degree of vacuum etc.
Neglecting infinity, the physics promotes neglects of infinity in mathematics, which with pleasure copies such undertakings of physics and easily cleans(removes) infinity in the formulas, at first them, reducing in fractions under a kind simple variable, and already after reduction, again returns in the formulas infinite sizes.
Proceeding from the contradictions of basic physics and mathematics, the chemistry does(makes) the results, analogy of the equations and processes, everywhere referring on the law of preservation final - substance and energy, neglecting infinity энергий and reason of a point.
The chemistry does not consider(examine) electromagnetic fields, though works in them.
The chemistry understands электроны by simple particles, overlooking(forgetting) beginnings неопределенностей Гейзенберга, from which deduces itself.
She(it) also neglects infinite энергиями, everywhere drawing borders and ends, allowing the biology, following it,(her,) to dream the neglects and restrictions, on a basis ложности which magnificently blossom - парапсихология, magic, колдовство and weight of any similar kinds, down to веры in supernatural and всевышнее.
The same physics, mathematics, chemists and the biologists, understanding infinite insufficiency of sciences, begin to compose philosophies and religions trying to add indefinitely missing energy лженаук.
The philosophy represents a reality, not representing electronics suffices and eventually concedes religions reducing all to incognizable всевышности.
These sciences are followed by(with) others, making multiple copies in infinity, erroneous definitions with the appropriate transformations.
In result - the slavery of the people before a nature with infinite energy proceeds.
The man, resisting, exists, trying to increase an a little bit energy potential instead of absolutely owning his(its) infinity.
It is necessary to pass to new definitions with the purpose of creation continuously совершенствующихся of sciences.
The transition to new definitions in view of the equations and formulas of the author in sciences of a source of energy of a point is possible(probable) on the basis of former sciences with processing of a material.
It is necessary to operate, to delete infinity abstractly, not overlooking(forgetting) their reality.

A number(line) of the scientists have opened infinite energy of a point by various variants of its(her) kinds and forms, and some became even the Nobel winners on similar works.
These variants allow to create new adaptive sciences working abstractly and real.

The second postulate Бора. Other theories of infinite energy of a point.

" The Second postulate Бора (the rule of frequencies) is formulated as follows:
At transition of atom from one stationary condition with energy En in other stationary condition with energy Em is radiated or quantum is absorbed, which energy is equal to a difference энергий of stationary condition: hv = En - Em, where h - constant Rod. " ( … heory.html).
The second postulate Бора explains and confirms a reality of occurrence and бесследного of disappearance (absorption) of infinite quantity(amount) of an electrical current in the condenser and coil of inductance at infinite frequency of transitions of atom. 
By close(attentive) consideration of processes of transition of atom in various condition the conclusion about a special case of display of forces (энергий) of the third law of Newton follows.
Newton in detail did not consider(examine) similar processes in various models мироздания, yes besides variations of vectors of forces (энергий), since these similarity follow logically from his(its) general(common) third law.
Бор the case infinite энергий has not considered also which follows from infinity of energy of a point, under the third law of Newton.

"... When separate электрон lets out, and then absorbs virtual фотон, the time of life фотона aspires to zero; hence, the allowable meanings(importance) of energy and weight, equivalent to them, aspire to infinity... " (Дирак).
Дирак, Ш. and Томонага by logic and mathematics explained infinity of weight and charge электрона. In the logic and mathematics of these infinity they have not seen other measurements, in which are hidden infinite weight and charge электрона, and practically these other measurements did not check.
New level of development of a science have allowed Зиновьеву В.П. To find out and to use the phenomena, properties and laws of other measurements in directions of infinite energy of a point is perfect by other variants.
At Дирака, Ш. and Томонаги logic and mathematics of one measurement, and at the author logic, mathematics, theory and practice of infinite variants of measurements.
Вернер Гейзенберг has formulated a principle of uncertainty, and, thus has deduced(removed) the formula of infinite energy of a particle at infinitesimal "... The time which has been released(let off) by a nature for its(her) measurement... ".
Вернер Гейзенберг speaks about measurement, in which the particle can have infinite energy.
The particle can, transition on measurements, to change the energy from zero indefinitely in case of infinitesimal of time of transition.
At the author, similarly, the infinity of energy of a point is shown in case of infinite size of the attitude(relation) of time of the category to time of a charge. If thus time of the category, certainly, the time of a charge should be infinitesimal.
At infinite frequency of radiation or at infinitesimal the period, the energy of radiation or absorption will be infinite.
Бор in 1913 has deduced(removed) the formula and has confirmed an opportunity of possession by atom of infinite energy.
Вернер Гейзенберг has deduced(removed) the theory of infinite energy of a particle in 1927г., i.e. after Бора, and Дирак, Ш. and Томонага have developed a part of their theories, not having paid attention to the instructions(indications) Гейзенбергом of the account of measurement.
The author, irrespective of Бора, Вернера Гейзенберга, Дирака, Швингера and Томонаги has created the doctrine of infinite energy of a particle and point in view of the requirements to measurements of the theory Вернера Гейзенберга.
The theory of radiation and absorption of infinite energy submitted by the second postulate Бора allows to explain radiations, absorption infinite энергий in capacities and индуктивностями in the circuits, formulas of the author, but thus there are essential changes in the theory Бора.
Essential changes are the new categories of quantums of energy of a points existing in the formulas and the circuits of the author, in one frequency, but various длительностями, allowing to be shown unknown earlier to kinds of quantums of absorption and radiation in various variants.
The science confidently moves on a way of progress, various variants carrying out research activity in a direction of development of power, being supervised by policy(politics) of stronger scientists worth in the chapter of sciences the states, and leaning(basing) on modern developing new physics.
Old Ньютоновская the physics did not consider(examine) infinite power processes in a point.
The theories a Rod, Бора, Дирака and other progressive scientists, already have allowed to observe of infinite energy of a point by transitions of condition of atom, thus the energy was considered(examined) depending on frequency of transitions, not paying attention to the characteristics of a trajectory of transitions of energy, were guided out-of-date rules of postulates of potential energy.
The author by a radical image changes scientific outlook by the theories of transitions of energy on measurements квазипрямоугольными by jumps of a continuous infinite sequence resulting(bringing) in occurrence of infinite energy a points, and theoretically and experimentally proves, that this energy can be operated electronic portable systems.
The formulas of the author allow to create the circuits of continuous and discrete transformation of kinds both forms of a matter of analog and digital variants.
Modern electronics decides(solves) many tasks of analog and digital transformations.
The new direction of transformation of charges will result in creation of new directions of applications of electronics, physics and other sciences of a point.
The analysis of researches of variants of experiments of the author shows sufficiency of his(its) theories and necessity of their wide introduction in a science.

Бор, Дирак, Ш. and Томонага only represent the phenomena of radiation and absorption of infinite energy by a point. They explain by their frequency dependences энергий of transitions of elements of a point, not considering(examining) a detail and detail of infinite variants of these transitions, during which the energy travels on unknown other measurements, which, for example, the properties of capacities and индуктивностей of a point are to keep the certain parameters of electrical charges.
There are questions of interaction these entering and leaving энергий, therefore the infinite phenomena because of infinite passing energy should be observed.
The theoretical radio engineering considers(examines) pulse processes of signals - гармоническим by the analysis, according to which any pulse of energy is represented by an infinite number(line) of harmonics, which amplitudes aspire to zero with growth of their frequencies.
In practice, electronics aspires to not consider(examine) a harmonic, which amplitudes пренебрежимо are small in comparison with the basic harmonic, proving neglect of physics to the sizes of a point in conditions of a task.
The physics limits these processes only strong-willed, instead of in a scientific way, forbidding to be engaged infinite and uncertain энергиями.
It appears, this fundamental mistake of physics is shown in a case with harmonics of maximum frequencies rejected by conditions of a task on neglects to their small harmonics.
Бор, Дирак, Ш. and Томонага by the researches forbid all interdictions of a similar sort, since the maximum harmonics create of maximum energy passing on other measurements, being without leaving a trace absorbed and being radiated from anything so long as these infinite and uncertain "бесследности" and "anything" do not begin to allow themselves to find out in the certain cases.
In practice of the man such are known бесследные of absorption and radiation from anything anyone, as much as large энергий in capacities and индуктивностями of a point, into which the versions of active resistance showing partial revealing these large энергий enter.
Infinite energy, infinite frequencies, pass on any spaces and times, using their infinitesimal capacities, of inductance and are shown only in active resistance entering by obligatory components of capacities and индуктивностей.
Besides any space contains natural switching elements, which, similar artificial, carry out processes allowing to create transitions.
The natural elements of switching of space can be served, for example, пробивные of ability of space for electrical charges, ignition and burning of chemical elements by(with) natural semi-conductor and vacuum structures, etc.
Inductance, capacity and the active resistance of a point consist from internal and external inexhaustible energetically, elements - capacities, индуктивностей and active resistance.
These неисчерпаемости hide of infinite energy of a point, allowing to use these of energy by the appropriate management of its(her) functions.

By the basic question of the man, and it is natural of all sciences, including philosophies, is the question of the phenomenon of infinite energy of a point outgoing from the third Law of Newton.
Great Исаак Newton has found out and ascertained this fact at a level
Final энергий, not pressing in a detail of this phenomenon, relying on infinity of movement and, infinity, following from him,(it,) of energy.
Great Галилео Галилей has deduced(removed) the famous formula E = m*g*h, known by all from general formation(education) of school, from which the speed of a body, and m - his(its) weight follows, that E = m*v*v, where v -.
Great Эйнштейн from this formula has deduced(removed) the formula E = m*c*c, where m - weight of a body, and "с" - speed of light.
Great Rods has received the formula E = h*v, where v - frequency, h - constant Rod.
The point of space is real without weight does not exist by virtue of objectivity, being thereof by object, due to what is perceived by other objects and subjects.
Point always has weight m, which is variable, dialectic, relative, uncertain, has infinite energy because of infinity of movement and fluctuation, both its(her) parts, and all complex of a point.
The point is in environment(Wednesday) of infinite environmental space,
Various measurements, with forces, indefinitely working on it(her) from different directions, and энергиями of oscillatory movement.
The point continuously changes on measurements, thereof influences.
She(it) is perceived absolutely motionless rather, in case of infinite frequency of its(her) fluctuation, in space with infinitesimal by amplitude of fluctuation, in summary it she(it) has infinite variable speed of movement of weight, and this speed has indefinitely and continuously varied mark.
The infinite speed entails infinite energy, inertia of a point and results of the Laws of Newton.
Thus, диалектика, a relativity and formula Галилео Галилея also show presence of infinite energy of a point of space.
Inside any point, such points with infinite энергиями - infinite quantity(amount), owing to similar processes of fluctuations of these points with infinite frequencies born by influence энергий of fluctuation of other points.
Therefore from any point of space it is possible to take infinite energy, not breaking processes of other points if correctly to operate extraction of this energy.
From this logic the infinity of conclusions, results of new categories of zero, vacuum and other new relative categories follows.

The rest of a point, in the essence, is a relative category for representation of a kind and form of a varying point with absolutely infinite frequency, indefinitely large speed and infinitesimal by amplitude of fluctuation, in summary it allows a point to have the indefinitely large energy without change of infinitesimal weight represented, for example by absolute vacuum.
The periodic infinite transitions of elements of a point cause radiation and absorption of infinite energy. Therefore the point can be perceived by the observer energetically neutral, actually having the infinite potential opportunities at influence on it(her) сторонних of forces, i.e. to be able of absolute rest, that the Rod, Бора, Дирака, Ш., Томонаги and author is confirmed by the theories of Newton.
Infinitesimal amplitude and the indefinitely large frequency of fluctuation results in the indefinitely large speed of movement of fluctuation of a point. In result, it conducts to a square of increase of infinity of its(her) energy, not changing its(her) weight because of infinitesimal amplitudes and relative absence of interaction with external environment(Wednesday) for infinite increase of weight moving in one direction, and colliding with other environments(Wednesdays) of space.
Making fluctuations infinitesimal amplitudes, indefinitely large frequency and variable mark of infinite speed, the point has infinite energy, not cooperating with other environment(Wednesday) more, than to render effect of the presence in space and time among same or other points of measurements.
Result of interaction of such point with external or internal environment(Wednesday), is the occurrence of sizes of energy, weight and other parameters, which can be operated, making with it(her) the certain functions through devices, or other elements.
The contradiction of rest, phenomenon of movement, is authorized by a relativity.
The relativity of absence of interaction speaks about presence of the certain interaction of a point with an environment, therefore she(it) is shown by space in time, in kinds and forms of absolute relative rest.
The absolute relative rest of a point speaks about an opportunity of its(her) representation by other systems in other kinds, forms and sizes her(it) энергий.
The new physics should correctly represent new definitions in view of occurrence of new knowledge, on the basis of developing new disciplines of electronics, power, instrument making, sciences, technologies and facilities(economy).

The word physics is derivative from a word a nature, into which all kinds and forms of movements of energy of space and time enter.
The physics being general science, is contradicted by(with) sciences, arising from it(her).
There is a number(line) of sciences, adjacent with physics.
As a result of formation(education) of such sciences, the physics becomes a relative category, i.e. is considered(examined) concerning other sciences.
In mathematics the principle of a relativity of physics is shown in expressions by mathematics of physical interpretation of the certain functions for example derivative, geometrical places of points, figures, planes etc.
The management of processes of a relativity (synchronization) from infinite energy of a point can be represented by the appropriate physics of management, since the electromagnetic phenomena are studied by sections of physics, the movement of dot charges is precisely expressed by dynamics(changes) of a point, inside which the complex(difficult) movements энергий are studied by the quantum mechanics.
The basis of physics is made by(with) movement of a point.
Movement of a point несотворимо and неуничтожимо rather, i.e. its(her) energy is infinite from infinity of movement, but rather. Rest and potential energy exist only rather.

In any point there is an infinite quantity(amount) of relative electrical spaces (charges), which are connected to infinite quantity(amount) of electromagnetic fields also rather.
By a principle of a superposition each charge has concerning infinite energy on relative communications(connections) and measurements.
Infinite relative communications(connections) and the measurements of a charge cause effects of occurrence in infinite relative spaces (capacities and индуктивностях) point, relative infinite sizes of charges and энергий of charges.
The rather infinite mechanical movements of a point and its(her) elements cause rather infinite induction currents and appropriate to energy.
There are infinite relative vector and scalar power functions of a point.

The basic formula Галилео Галилея: E = m*g*h, where m - weight of a point, g - acceleration of its(her) free fall on other point, h - distance between these by two points, * - mark of multiplication.
_ h = v*t, where v - average speed of free fall of a point on other point, t - time of this fall.
From these formulas follows: E = m*g*v*t.
From last formula follows: t = E/m*g*v.
Thus, the formula Галилео Галилея allows to present a hypothesis of definition of time of possible(probable) existence of a point at its(her) free movement from a beginning up to the end to other point.
The formula t = E/m*g*v allows to put the end to riddles of time and to make a beginning of his(its) research by means of devices and known formula Галилея E = mgh.
The weights of bodies and substances are known in the directories.
Acceleration of free fall - size constant.
The parameters of environments(Wednesdays) determining speed of movement of a point, average meanings,(importance,) following them, of possible(probable) size of average speed of its(her) movement, are calculated by devices on initial meaning(importance) of this speed and average meaning(importance) of factor of resistance in given environment(Wednesday) of movement of a point.
Dialectic and historical материализм avoids infinite энергий and processes, assuming them неисчерпаемость. Such variants do not contradict each other and thus диамат and истмат do not deny infinite energy of a point.
It consoles, but does not decide(solve) tasks of management of infinite energy of a point and, thus most general(common) questions remain in the party, and man remain infinitesimal крошки of a nature from EFFICIENCY < 1, due to old philosophy.
The new conclusions from third on Newton allow philosophically to develop the new approaches to outlook, to be switched with the help of infinite energy to new researches, most general(common) principles and laws of a nature, society(community) and man.
If in any point infinity, that such конечность, border, form, kind etc. etc. Диамат and истмат nor consider(examine) a relativity of laws, properties and phenomena, but only the relativity allows to understand неисчерпаемость and infinity. Конечности are not less more difficultly than infinity!

The formula Галилео Галилея E = m*g*h, where m - weight of a point, g - acceleration of its(her) free fall on other point, h - distance between these by two points, * - mark of multiplication.
g = v/t, where t - time.
h = v*t.
_E = (m*v/t) *v*t = m*v*v.
The energy of a driven point is directly proportional to its(her) weight and square of speed without division on двойку.
The classical physics divides this кинетическую energy of a driven point on двойку, reducing is artificial its(her) energy by a strong-willed way because of the inability to take possession of this energy, and asserts(approves) by any way of EFFICIENCY < 1.
The mathematics cleans(removes) is artificial infinity энергий, and the physics reduces of energy on двойку, not allowing them to be developed indefinitely.
The management of energy develops new philosophy on the new concepts.
The energy outside of time does not exist, formula, the equations and circuits with the proofs without philosophy have no sense, since the philosophy recovers the mechanism rigid or flexible кинематической, dynamic, but not having of reason, physics. The physics, as well as many other sciences (chemistry, mathematics etc.) does not consider(examine) communication(connection) of the phenomena in intellectual dependences.
In mathematics the reception is known, when one part from several same variable sizes at first reduce in fractions, and other part leave, and, replacing the stayed same variable sizes by infinite meanings(importance), pass to limits and integrals.
Actually mathematics for a long time operates, thus, with infinite sizes as конечностей, using a relativity of fractions.
Thus, only relativity can define(determine) character of size: she(it) is final or is infinite.
The philosophy, by definition, is a science of a relativity (attitude(relation) of love to reason).
Love and reason are defined(determined) only rather.
Further there is an intelligence: a level of the attitudes(relations) of love and reason.
Then the management of intelligence and with the help of intelligence follows.
The philosophy with alive communications(connections) provides love, reason and intelligence.
The new level of philosophy has no borders, or is limited to new principles of infinite energy of a point.

Галилей has deduced(removed) the famous formula E = m*g*h, where m - weight of a point, g - acceleration of its(her) free fall on other point, h - distance between these by two points, * - mark of multiplication.
Newton has considered from this formula its(her) part m*g, being product of weight on acceleration or in other words - force, and the second Law of Newton has turned out.
The time, and v - speed is known, что:g = v/t, where t -.
h = v*t.
E = (m*v/t) *v*t = m*v*v.
E = m*v*v - the energy is directly proportional to a square of speed.
Эйнштейн has substituted instead of "v" a symbol "с" and has received the famous formula E = m*c*c, where "с" - the speed of light, with which Эйнштейн is limited by(with) infinite movement.
Newton has deduced(removed) the famous third law, which has not deciphered Эйнштейн, put borders of energy and speed.
Rods removes this restriction by frequency: E = h*v, where h - constant Rod, and v frequency of transition of a point in atom.
The mathematics throws out infinite meanings(importance) in the formulas by inadmissible operations, avoiding неопределенностей of interactions, infinity and zero, simplifying itself and physics of a task.
The infinite energy of a point destroys postulates Эйнштейна, permitting any speeds of movement of particles and waves!

Newton by the third law has proved infinity of energy in any point, but the authorities deny such opportunity in it(her), as in the closed system.
There is a formula a Rod bypassing these contradictions.
The infinite energy of a point directly proportional to a square of speed follows also from the formula Галилея but this concept of inadmissibility of infinite energy in the closed system also contradicts it(her).
There is a formula Эйнштейна with simple replacement of the letters, and with elementary strong-willed restriction of the replaced letter.

The theories of the author remove all these contradictions by continuous periodic processes of sequences of rectangular pulses of electrical currents in a point.

1. All sciences leave physics giving definitions of a body, and point being the beginning for mathematics, chemistry and infinite sciences, following them.
2. The physics follows from definition of a point being indefinitely uncertain, relative and dialectic. Penetrate closely(attentively) into definition of a point by physics: " the Point is a body, which sizes can be neglected in conditions of a task ". Means, the point can at this time have infinite forces, energy, sizes etc., but all can be neglected it? Certainly, is not present, and the physics from here naturally indefinitely lies. It(she) needs to exist and she(it) exists in lie.
3. The physics is infinite and uncertain, under the form and contents, as well as the sciences, following it(her). The infinity of physics includes infinite energy and information.
4. Following with infinite энергиями and information from a point, the sciences have no right to deny infinity of a point, from which they follow by infinite flows.

The formula a Great Rod is known: E = hv, where v - frequency of transition of a particle.
This formula a Rod plays the certain role by consideration of infinite energy of a point, since in it(her) the size of energy, the same as also EFFICIENCY of a point, is proportional to size of frequency.
However frequency expresses speed of transitions, and the influence of speed on energy is already taken into account(already discounted) by the known formula E = m*v*v and consequently special interest does not represent.
Is dependence of energy on a relativity more important.
She(it) is complex(difficult) for expressing at once in brief symbols for application in concrete elementary examples, but in a general view it is possible to present - functions of energy of a point of parameters of a relativity. Скважность
Enters of the unique(sole) variable attitudes(relations) of time into the formula of EFFICIENCY = 4 - 4К.
The eternity and неисчерпаемость of energy follows also from the Law of preservation of energy, which speaks not about disappearance, and about transformation of infinite energy from one kinds in others (in a zero, neutrality, anything vacuum, emptiness, потенциальность etc. and т.п).

The neutrality of environment(Wednesday) is a relative category, as well as all objective other categories of space and time.
Absence appropriate of engineering and the technologies result in concepts of balance, нейтрали or absence of energy, at constant presence anyone infinite энергий and movements not perceived because of a relativity of the observer, his(its) limitation of perception(recognition), opportunities of his(its) measurement and other properties, and do not allow without the appropriate preparation to operate infinite energy apparent нейтрали.
Principle of a superposition and a principle of a relativity all infinity unite in the uniform mechanism of spaces, times and measurements, allowing to operate consciously and unconsciously on all directions and coordinates of life, consciousness and spirit of an existing present, past and future matter, its(her) continuous transformations.
EFFICIENCY it is a lot of more than 1 becomes a reality.
The new sciences and their directions are created on the basis of the known and new theories.
The new formulas, equation and the circuits essentially change the contents of sciences of a point.
In result the intellectual activity of the man on management of space and time is improved.
The existing official science denies EFFICIENCY more than 1 in the closed system. In any closed system there is an infinite quantity(amount) of points, in which infinite quantity(amount) of zero, each of which, concerning any potentials, is infinite potential with infinite potential energy.
From here is judged, that by the sanction of the contradiction of impossibility and opportunity of EFFICIENCY it is a lot of more than 1 in the closed space, also is the criterion of use of neutral zero infinite energy as infinite utility.

Any point of space, can be submitted by tops of two of infinite in space and cones, connected in it,(her,) of the infinite sizes. Through this point always proceeded, proceeds and the infinite energy existing in these cones will proceed.
The cones are always open for the infinite energy in the connected among themselves tops.
This energy of any kinds, forms and measurements.
The cones also have any kinds, form and measurement.
The cones, connected in a point, - infinite quantity(amount) from infinite variants энергий and measurements.
It is ideal model, alongside with others, proves easily presence in any point of infinite energy, forbidding it(her) to neglect.
In the third law of Newton the essence of forces of action and counteraction in a point is not concretized. It allows to see his(its) properties and phenomena, in any areas and measurements.
The author defines(determines) essential differences of the theories from the theories And. Newton by a concrete definition of infinity of energy of a point.
As other differences of the theories of the author and Newton, it is possible to name distinctions of kinds and forms of research of forces and энергий of a point.
Great Newton had no opportunities to be engaged in management of infinite energy of a point at a level of transistor electronics on various technologies and, accordingly, could not carry out(spend) sufficient researches of the electromagnetic phenomena, properties and laws of a point.
However to prove presence infinite энергий бесследного of absorption and occurrence from anything in any point without the third law of Newton was almost impossible. It is connected to a general recognition of the third law of Newton, and to achieve a recognition of infinity of energy in a point at absolute counteraction almost of all sciences denying EFFICIENCY > 1 any systems, not leaning(basing) on authority, would be empty сотрясанием of air.
The law of preservation of energy also proves an opportunity of transition of infinite energy in anything of a point from her(it) anything, but the third law of Newton is more concrete under the contents.
Other proofs also take place, but the third law of Newton at anybody of doubts does not cause and is the absolute fact of infinite energy of a point.
The proofs of EFFICIENCY < 1 in a point, the physics represents by consideration of abstract system of the point which has been torn off from a reality. She(it) does not take into account presence in any system infinite quantities(amounts) of systems of other measurements which are carrying out an exchange infinite энергиями, not giving in to measurements, without the appropriate devices, which, for example, are represented by(with) the author, using properties of a relativity энергий.
Particularly relativity of infinite energy of a point enables to investigate through amplifiers objects and environment(Wednesday) for temporary transitions.
The condenser is an element of a point, through which there is spatially - a temporary transition of objects on measurements is a consequence of works of the author in the field of research of a pulse mode of a charge - category of the condenser.
The condenser, having capacity, also allows to prove in the appropriate circuit presence of infinite energy in a point.

The balance is denied неуничтожимостью of movement, transformations and transitions.
The movement of a point is indefinite неуничтожимо, and the infinite movement of a point is its(her) infinite energy.
The technologies of the sanction of the shown contradictions became possible(probable) due to opening submitted and others scientific, engineers, inventors, theorists and практиков.

The formula QУ/Qє = N - 1, or Qp = Qє * (N-1) for two kinds of spaces with the account RУ = Rє * (N-1) * (N-1) in case of transitions of a charge on various spaces of capacity of a point.
The formula remains constant in case of a charge and category of capacity through one or two active resistance of space.
In the formula the result - infinity of size of an appearing charge from other measurements of a point is obvious at N --- > to infinity and preservation of size of a charge charging same capacity.
The positive charge will aspire to plus of infinity, and negative to a minus of infinity.
The positive charge has weight "plus", and negative weight "minus".
Infinite on size weight "minus" is and there is a vacuum. The formula of vacuum as substance with a prefix "анти" for the first time is received.
Relativity and диалектика allow to make a conclusion about two possible(probable) variants of vacuum and substance with prefixes in the basic kind: "minus" and "plus".
The electrical charge Qp = Qє * (N-1) is actually and there is a real object ЭФАЛД with weight, sizes, electromagnetic fields, coordinates, vector and scalar functions and other characteristics.
Charge with plus - substance.
Charge with a minus - antisubstance or vacuum.
Two new elements open: эфалд and аэфалд.
Эфалд - substance.
Аэфалд - antisubstance.
A number(line) of the formulas connects dependences of sizes for creation of the theories and accounts of concrete devices with the purpose of performance of practical works.
1. EFFICIENCY = Rp / (Rє*N), at RУ = Rє * (N-1) * (N-1);
2. Pвх. = U*U * (N-1) * (N-1) / (N*N*N*RУ),
3. Pr = U*U*(N-1)*(N-1)*(N-1)*(N-1)/(N*N*N*N*Rp),
4. EFFICIENCY = (N-1) * (N-1) /N,
These four formulas of EFFICIENCY for transitions on one capacity and two spaces of a point.
5. EFFICIENCY = 4 - 4К,
6. QУ/Qє = N - 1, Qp = Qє * (N-1)
These two formulas of EFFICIENCY for transitions on one capacity and two spaces.
In the formulas:
Rp - resistor of a circuit of the category of capacity, Rє - resistor of a circuit of its(her) charge,
N - скважность of a rectangular pulse, Pвх - power consumption from the power supply during process, Pr - capacity selected on the resistor.
U - pressure(voltage) of the power supply.
К - factor of filling of pulses, QУ - size of the category of the condenser,
Qє - size of a charge of the condenser, * - mark of multiplication.
It is known: I = dQ/dt. The author receives the formula for RC - circuit of a point: Qp = Qє * (N-1).
For the category of capacity in RC - circuit now it will be fair: IУ = d (Qє * (N-1)) /dt.
It is known: I = dQ/dt. The author receives the formula for RC - circuit: Qp = Qє * (N-1).
For the category of capacity (under the theory the electrical engineers) in RC - circuit now it will be fair: IУ = d (Qє * (N-1)) /dt.
The formula a Rod is known: E = hv. P = hv/t, where t - time of transition.
In view of the formulas Зиновьева В.П. During a periodic sequence of such transitions through space of the category Rp the rectangular pulses, at скважности N (transition through space of a charge Rє), in space Rp will allocate capacity: P = hv (N-1) * (N-1) /Nt, at RУ = Rє * (N-1) * (N-1).
In case of periodic transitions of the same form of charges on capacity of space R, in this space the capacity will be allocated: P = hv (4 - 4К) for accounts in the quantum mechanics.
These formulas promote development the electrical engineers, electrodynamics(electrochanges), quantum mechanics, physics and accordingly of other sciences.
Occurrence of infinite size of a charge under the formula (6). Speaks about an opportunity of creation of synthesizing systems for reception of physical, chemical elements and others a component of space and time on the basis of the further development of the appropriate sciences.
The electrical charge enters by size in the equations of electrodynamics(electrochanges) known, as the equations Максвелла.
Now possible(probable) these equations becomes successful to realize for the decision of tasks of the appropriate sciences in view of infinity of electrical charges.