Бесконечная энергия точки.Зиновьев В.П.

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The intelligence operates a point.

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The intelligence operates a point.

Capacity of reason consists of uncountable quantity(amount) of points with infinite энергиями, capacities and индуктивностями for fluctuations of electromagnetic fields infinite энергий, and with their infinite combinations of spectra of these fluctuations. If charged capacity of a point does not let in itself electromagnetic fields with smaller meanings(importance) of sizes of forces, she(it) can pass(miss) them through herself in other capacities of this point, which is present in it(her) infinite quantities(amounts) with infinite properties and parameters.



Thus, there is a filtration, accumulation, processing, reception and transfer of energy or information by reason. Bases of infinite properties of reason are the properties of a point to have infinite energy, and also her(it) to accept from other environments(Wednesdays), spaces and measurements to transform and to transfer this energy other environments(Wednesdays), space and measurement. Alongside with work of own capacity, the reason is capable to operate acting in him(it), and infinite information, available in it(him), energy to transfer them in appropriate other spaces and measurements, as required of coordination of such transfer with other reason or nature, with which it(he) needs to cooperate. Without sufficient knowledge of and other infinite opportunities, the reason is not capable correctly to function and consequently in bases of his(its) property the abilities enter to study own opportunities, other infinite spaces and measurements. These study the reason makes under the available information in existing carriers of the information, and also at research of the opportunities, other spaces and measurements, creating the theories after study, researches and realization of sufficient experiments. The decision of reception of infinite energy of a point with the help of engineering of management on the basis of electronics, causes questions of an opportunity of management of this energy only through intelligence. The theories a Rod and author are based on management of electromagnetic fields, is directly proportional with which the energy of a point is raised. Whether it is impossible to do without electronics, you see the intelligence is capable directly and опосредованно to operate any electromagnetic fields, what has proved парапсихология? The researcher is capable to operate through the intelligence, by means of possession of electronics, infinite энергиями of points and, thereof, their time. Presence at any points infinite positive and negative энергий require(demand) infinite perfection of intelligence and appropriate devices for management by these энергиями. Movement and energy are the standard categories of all sciences. These categories do not exist without electromagnetic interactions. This conclusion finally results in result of a recognition of electromagnetic processes - basis of a nature and all sciences. For intellectual management of time it is necessary to master processes in a nature, studying with the help of the formulas, equations and circuits, real models - devices. In the received formulas, equations and circuits, the basic component is the function of a new charge which is included in capacity, leaving from it(her) and appearing as a result of preservation on capacity of working meaning(importance) of a pressure(voltage), during a continuous sequence of its(her) charge and category, periodic rectangular pulses of an electrical current, under the formula for RC of a circuit with one resistor: Qp = Qє * (N-1), IУ = d (Qє * (N-1)) /dt. The formula Qp = Qє * (N-1), open by the author, allows to operate time with the help of intelligence. In the formula the charge is increased proportionally скважности of a pulse, borrowing(occupying) space of weight and electromagnetic field. The space borrowed(occupied) by an electromagnetic field of a charge is a space of a charge, for example EFFICIENCY = 4 - 4К exists by a kind of the attitude(relation) of times and энергий in space being attitude(relation) to reference space. Space is also attitude(relation). Such dialectic phenomenon is caused by the formula of opening. The transformation and existence of objects occurs in the forms of various levels and orders, versions, classes, properties, laws and phenomena. The size of a leaving charge aspires to infinity, at aspiration скважности of pulses, charging capacity, to infinity. The size of an entering charge in capacity, in such process, aspires to zero. Thus it is possible to reduce to zero of an expense of intelligence, operating infinite sizes of charges and their fields, энергиями and time. At intellectual management of time it is necessary to understand and correctly to use this formula. The charge is accompanied appropriate - with electrical and magnetic fields, which it is possible to take possession intellectually, having studied processes in models of. The open process is accompanied by new electromagnetic fields. The infinite size of a charge can arise in any point, any space at the appropriate intellectual management, causing a proportional electromagnetic field. Parameters controlled charges and fields, the intelligence can set at the own discretion. In result there is an opportunity to create and to destroy any objects through consciousness, i.e. to be the god. It is hypotheses of the future. The management of any point, on any distance, is carried out by any object, and the appropriate knowledge of variants of management allows to create mechanisms of the decision of tasks by intelligence. It is possible to exist and to operate a nature only intellectually, but if to add to intelligence physical work, the jump of development will appear. Transitions высокоорганизованной of a matter from палки and stone, to iron and electronics (микро, нано, пико...,) occured by jumps as a result of theoretical and practical activity. Now there is a feedback of transitions by the temporary and spatial forms of objects last, present and future, intellectual and physical forces. The study of kinds, forms of waves (fluctuations of particles) and particles (combinations of waves and particles) through models on triodes (elementary elements of management of environment(Wednesday)), results in occurrence of new knowledge of more perfect intellectual management of space and time. The triode can operate smoothly (continuously) and jump (break of environment(Wednesday)). The knowledge of opportunities of the triode allows to create similar functions in consciousness and to pass to direct action with the help of intelligence. To create models of the intellectual circuits on triodes with the help of crystals of a real nature and, thus, to study opportunities of intelligence with the certain degree of approach(approximation) at the given step of development of consciousness, science and engineering - inexhaustible task scientific in infinite times and spaces for management by their infinite энергиями and reason. In each point and in each line there are infinite quantities(amounts) of systems of lines and points of infinite measurements, of infinite spaces and times is concrete and is abstract, absolute and rather, мнимо and it is valid, in consciousness and in a reality, theoretically and practically. Stable functioning of the certain systems of points of space and time needs continuous perfection of intelligence, managing them, because of continuous change энергий and intelligence of other systems of points. The intelligence is an ability of possession of knowledge about energy and reason of points. The knowledge is got during practical activity of the subject. The practical activity is effective in view of the previous knowledge and presence of devices for this activity.


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