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Conclusions on experiments with the circuits of management of infinite

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The infinite time of existence of a point of space, at its(her) inevitable, continuous interaction with points of other spaces, allows to see, that the energy of a point - is infinite. The kinds and forms of a point vary, but its(her) energy - is always infinite. These proofs of steel are possible(probable), due to new electronics. Certainly, it is possible to receive infinite energy of a point with the help of simple winding of an electrical wire and switching of electrical currents by contacts on wooden wheels by a primitive way. Present vast labour input of processes of research and перебора of variants for optimization of experiences, with bulky elements индуктивностей both capacities and impossibility to receive high revolutions of wheels, in primitive time. Besides, do not overlook(forget) reaction of a society(community) of primitive time to similar works. Always there will be problems нелинейностей of switchboards in working modes of the circuits of transformations of infinite energy of a point. The special direction there is a three-cascade circuit of switching of two elements of inductance with correct synchronization of switching of currents of the circuit, correct definition and installation of parameters of its(her) elements. The limits of parameters of inductance are defined(determined) by disorder of its(her) allowable meanings(importance) of sizes of good quality in working frequency ranges of the circuit. The circuit has shown dependence of good quality of inductance on frequency and, accordingly, EFFICIENCY of the circuit, alongside with dependences on quality of the core, wire, winding etc. From results of these parameters the conclusion about continuous research follows: inductance, switchboards, synchronization, frequency and peak ranges of the circuit. The absence of good switchboards, магнитопроводов, because of market нестабильностей, compels to lose time for development of the circuits with working high frequencies and, following(next) for it, very complex(difficult) work on three-cascade synchronization of the circuit. For increase of target capacity and EFFICIENCY, the multicascade circuits are necessary. The increase of working frequency of the circuit conducts to increase of jet resistance to inductance, promoting increase of good quality and, thereof, increase of EFFICIENCY, but the sizes of capacities of elements of the circuit, reduce EFFICIENCY proportionally to working frequency. The decrease(reduction) of working frequency of the circuit conducts to reduction of capacitor losses, but reduces its(her) good quality and EFFICIENCY because of reduction of jet resistance to inductance. Conclusion about necessity of decrease(reduction) of capacitor dependences of the circuit, increase of good quality and improvement of quality of switching from here follows at the expense of increase of quality of synchronization by improvement of elements of switching and their modes.



For removal of infinite energy from a point, management of its(her) processes in an independent mode under the circuits, equations and formulas, the presence магнитопровода in the coil of inductance of the circuits is unessential. To own by knowledge of the certain level and appropriate skills of their practical realization enough. Buying up магнитопровода, rise on him(it) of the prices, accelerate process of research and development of independent sources of inexhaustible energy of any capacities, энергий and dimensions, without магнитопроводов. Such result is very important, since in a nature of space магнитопровод the man uses only, and the infinite energy, exists and the infinite quantity(amount) of time copes without магнитопровода. Opening (or the invention) man магнитопровода, certainly, has the large meaning(importance) for creation of every possible engineering. However results of works allow to create independent small-sized systems with any energy irrespective of монополизации on components of these systems. It is essential break of mankind in the infinite future. Now there is an opportunity of forecasting of development of a science and engineering for the infinite periods, instead of on пятилетки, or decade. However wide experience of works shows, that the forecasts and plans sometimes should be corrected in view of real processes in a nature and society(community). Let's not lose hope for the best future, but while it is necessary to lean(base) on practical results of works of real devices. The theoretical analysis of results of experiments shows necessity of continuous research of processes for the coil of inductance and switchboards for change of their parameters in working modes of the circuit. It is connected to strong deviations(rejections) of parameters of the specified elements from researches, assumed on the basis of results. The conclusions are made by comparison of the real indications of devices with the theoretically prospective indications. 1. The coil of inductance has borders of working frequencies because of own parameters and requires(demands) the special design. 2. The switchboards badly work without adaptive synchronization to changes of frequency of following of pulses. 3. The new theories suppose preliminary variants автономизации under condition of preservation of modes of operations of the circuit with adaptive synchronization. The complexities and labour input of search of optimization of circuitry of the simple and effective decision of tasks of a conclusion of energy are obvious. Complexity and labour input are roughly determined on parameters of interrelations of processes of elements and units of the circuit at stabilization of separate variable parameters. The stabilization is required for synchronization of variable sizes of time, amplitude, phase, duration and other parameters of rectangular pulses in points of the circuit. The interrelations and взаимовлияния of processes in the circuit are major factors lowering speed of research. It is impossible absolutely precisely to predict results. The found out phenomena, allow to make the assumption of an opportunity of creation of independent system энергообеспечения without application магнитопровода and without increase массогабаритов of the solenoid. The opportunity of creation of independent system энергообеспечения of an environment of a point, without application магнитопровода, does not mean the absolute decision автономизации of reception of energy from a point in all modes of operations of the circuit. The new reasons of losses of the electric power of the solenoid because of deviations(rejections) of parameters of the same elements in the special conditions of work of the circuit are found out. The creation of an independent sample of the circuit is supposed on the basis of two switchboards two capacities and one inductance with sufficient synchronization of this circuit, at the low requirements to synchronization of the circuit. The synchronization of work of two switchboards requires(demands) an outcome of circuits of management on a feed(meal) and independent formation of parameters of managing pulses. With this purpose it is necessary to create the appropriate circuits and units of electronics, method consecutive экспериментирования and accounts because of нелинейностей of elements of the circuits working in parallel and irrespective of one generator in frequency, phase, peak and other modes with an opportunity of independent regulation from this generator, but synchronously with his(its) parameters. As the traditional sciences work in the directions before end of works on creation of an independent sample, their results can be most effective in case of reception by these sciences of the theories of transformation of electrical energy in substance. After creation of an independent sample the changes of priorities in sciences are possible(probable), since the future uncertainty will create the processes, unpredictable old theories. Necessity of development of the new circuits of generators of rectangular pulses, instead of offered in the Internet стоимостями about one million roubles everyone, distracts from the basic work and takes away a lot of time. The checks in standard industrial generators, for a long time have shown their unacceptability in such works. For check of the circuit it is required of simultaneously working a little bit(some) generators, засинхронизированных among themselves and rectangular pulses, having good parameters. It is necessary to make the analysis of properties of work of electronic devices in non-standard physical processes of high pressure(voltage) with двухполупериодными, unipolar rectangular pulses of an electrical current and continuously to change structure of the created circuits. The continuous change of structure is made consistently according to the acting information from devices, измеряющих parameters of the circuit during experiments. The switchboards work in different modes and require(demand) гальванические of an outcome on the circuits of management of generators, which should work synchronously. The synchronization гальванически of the untied generators is complicated by presence in their circuits of a feed(meal) of high and low pressure(voltage) (0 - 1000 Volts), excluding interrelation. At research of the circuit it is required to change frequencies of following of pulses of management with very stable parameters of rectangular pulses. Besides the stable parameters of pulses are necessary for adjusting during a choice of modes of a resonance of pressure(voltage) and currents for the maximal effect on energy. It is necessary to change of duration, amplitude, frequencies, periods and delays of pulses of following in various switchboards by independent variants at simultaneous synchronous work of these switchboards. The preliminary variants of the acceptable technical standards are found, concerning which the synchronization of parameters of pulses of management of switchboards of the circuit with гальванической by an outcome of its(her) circuits will be made, which require(demand) it for normal functioning of an autonomy of a source of infinite energy. The technical decisions of the theory гальванической of an outcome of the given circuit are checked up on the basis of available electronic components with positive result concerning the previous checks. A number(line) of paramount tasks including first of all management by time or, for example temporary synchronization of power processes of parameters of movements as in a point of excesses of curve functions representing mathematics of a continuous sequence of rectangular pulses, and point, concerning other points of a technical design of a sample of the circuit enters into a task of management of energy of a point. _Синхронизация Is preservation of parameters of elements of the circuit concerning reference sizes (variable or constant). The theoretical and practical analyses of an opportunity of synchronization with the help of the transistor circuits were carried out(spent). The practical checks have shown strong interrelation of parameters of rectangular pulses in various sites of the circuit. The switchboards, for example, change of duration, curvature of fronts, bases and tops which are taking place on them of pulses, working from different generators, even if the correction of a pulse will be carried out(spent) in one of generators. Dependences of parameters of pulses for the dependences of parameters of pulses for dependences of parameters of pulses for dependences of parameters of pulses for The complexity is aggravated by the infinity of energy of a point. At approach(approximation) to the moment of an autonomy, the infinite energy of a point in the circuit of a sample begins to search for an output(exit) and her(it) it is necessary in time to ensure(supply) with loading, or she(it) easily punches to herself new ways in unexpected слабеньких places of elements of a circuit, breaking their structures. Provident loading in the circuit, with the purpose of an advancing пробоев, changes modes of the circuit and condition of resonances, being by the premature decision of a problem. The intensive theoretical analysis and the concrete practical experiments consistently approach a closing -up on creation of the first independent sample. The group of elements of the circuit on a question of an opportunity of synchronization for автономизации of a source of infinite energy of a point is checked up. The diverse functional dependences of the interconnected elements of the circuit complicate realization of the theories of a source. At improvement of synchronization more and more actively begin to show the properties spatial capacities of elements and their groups. One of such capacities on the certain frequencies can essentially influence work of the circuit. Capacity is shown it is not known whence by undertaken current after his(its) preliminary disappearance, taking away there is a lot of time for search of the reasons of this effect. The ability of the circuit is revealed to throw nonlinear modes of parameters of elements in an oscillatory mode on its(her) units. In result it is necessary to carry out(spend) synchronization of parameters of the circuit by "shuttle" with regular return on earlier синхронизировавшиеся sites and to repeat work repeatedly by all parts of the circuit. After each adjustment and installation of modes it is necessary repeatedly to recalculate sizes of parameters of the circuit, comparing them with the previous sizes for improvement of results. The adjustment changes variable and constant parameters of the circuit, changing modes of managing elements. It is necessary to make the continuous control of the characteristics of the circuit, managing and taking place on points, of electrical pulses. Because of change of internal parts of the circuit the parameters of its(her) entrance circuits vary. It is necessary them to trace continuously. Various frequencies, pressure(voltage) and currents working in the circuit is necessary continuously to supervise to result in conformity with the requirements of specifications and put task. The low-frequency variations of a winding were checked for increase of EFFICIENCY, improvement of parameters of synchronization and quality of passage of electrical pulses on sites of the circuit. The assumptions of losses of energy in switchboards (short circuit of windings) because of unsufficient quality of rectangular electrical pulses have proved to be true. Improving indefinitely form of pulses concerning the ideal standards, at constant parameters of the coil it is possible to achieve infinite EFFICIENCY and respective use of infinite energy of a point. It is required constantly to improve switchboards, circuit, technology and design of devices participating in work of the circuit. It is necessary not overlook(forget) about ability of the circuit to be the engine at its(her) appropriate design. THE EFFICIENCY of the circuit on low frequencies is reduced because of transients in switchboards and small size of the attitude(relation) of resistance (jet to active) in the coil of inductance. On high frequencies of EFFICIENCY falls because of influence of capacities of elements of the circuit. The out-of-date concept of a stock of energy by the coil of inductance is not realized, since. EFFICIENCY is proportional both size of inductance, and attitude(relation) jet to active resistance to inductance. Parameter of frequency therefore is important, is proportional to which the jet resistance to inductance and EFFICIENCY is increased at constant meaning(importance) of active resistance. The researches of an opportunity of synchronization of parameters of the complex circuit including set of units and elements were carried out(spent). At several tens units of EFFICIENCY, with open-ended, borrowing(occupying) a quarter of a window of the coil, магнитопроводом and frequency of managing pulses in some килогерц, the dependence of EFFICIENCY of the circuit on external conditions is shown. The fluctuations of pressure(voltage) of various power supplies of the circuits environmental temperature and humidity in some times change EFFICIENCY, changing parameters of elements. It is complex(difficult) to ensure(supply) stability of the circuit because of unsufficient изученности of set of the unknown phenomena, which are expressed by the formulas and equations. The measurements of real processes in the researched circuit of infinite energy of a point, on various frequencies of following of managing pulses, at partial synchronization of parameters of elements of the circuit, have shown, that remains засинхронизировать temporary sizes of pulses in several switchboards with sufficient accuracy and it will be possible to deduce(remove) on active resistance energy, in some times (much more, than twice) exceeding consumed, at скважности of pulses equal two. It is supposed to measure with optimum errors parameters of passing charges (points with energy) sensitive devices on the basis of amplifiers. The sufficient accuracy will allow to make the analysis of changes of charges at transitions " there and back ", and further to search for similarity of transitions on measurements of real objects. The processes of relative synchronization of parameters of the circuit of a point have appeared determinatives of management of its(her) infinite energy. There are terms of an absolute relativity and absolute relative synchronization infinite энергий of a point as a result of opening the phenomena, properties and laws of transformations of free energy on measurements, spaces and times. There is the fact an absence of necessity of work above inductance and магнитопроводом, in result пренебрежимо of small dependence on them of energy of a point in the certain ranges of management of this energy by absolute synchronization of parameters of its(her) power circuit. For any space of a point always it is possible to create even theoretical conditions of synchronization of its(her) power circuit for extraction from a point of infinite energy, using only management of synchronization and ignoring parameters of inductance. It is confirmed by experiments. Now there is a work in new open directions of absolute relative synchronization, in real models of a point with the help of electronic means, with the purpose of reception of an independent sample of more perfect form both kind, and absolute opportunities of extraction of infinite energy. As follows from the messages by results of works, " the independent sample " will be received, and to it(him) "to draw" of any theories the infinite quantity(amount) will be possible. The energy infinite will be real, instead of on a paper. The need(requirement) for the theories will disappear, if they can "be be be "to drawn" and "draw" as is wished much. To what they will be necessary? It you see the theories are useful in final scales. Some set a question: " And, as well as that then to learn(teach) it will be necessary of the people and growing up generation? " The Answer: " It is better once to see an independent sample of infinite energy of a point, than to study infinite quantity(amount) of the theories, to lead(carry out) infinite quantity(amount) of laboratory and practical works on it(him) ". The gods work without the theories and обучений, once becoming the gods. The formulas allow to operate charges continuously and discretely, and it and means management of kinds and forms of a matter. New physical sizes is and there are new kinds and forms of a matter. The preservation of a pressure(voltage) in обкладках of the condenser, change of kinds and forms of charges with reception of the attitudes(relations) энергий is and there is in the circuit of a charge and category - an effect of algebraic division. The main role for transformation of kinds and forms of a matter is played by(with) the circuit and design of the submitted example. The check of the formula by the circuit of the author shows presence in the circuit of aspiration to two infinity: a minus and plus to infinity. In a result the management in the circuit creates the battery of energy with two opposite poles, and, aspiring in them to infinity, энергиями. _Реальные The facts speak, as the time магнитопровода with improvement of technologies was finished. The old transistors are capable to improve synchronization on tens orders. Only new theories from 10 - December 12 2009г. allow to deduce(remove) energy from a point, almost on hundred percents(interests) at the expense of synchronization, without магнитопровода. The radiation remaining because of absence магнитопровода, is easily cleaned(removed) by the electrical screen attracting shielding of radiation and a magnetic field. Thus, without improvement of technologies and without магнитопровода, all problems are decided(solved) easily after creation of an independent sample. The researches of opportunities of synchronization of work of switchboards were carried out(spent), using one transformer with a unique(sole) target winding for management of work of switchboards. The inductance of the transformer makes shift of a phase of a signal, taking place on it,(her,) of management depending on parameters of this signal, and also changes his(its) form. These properties can be used at synchronization, but while it is required to lead(carry out) weight of researches with the purpose of optimization of the best variants in concrete conditions of work. The author resulted accounts of losses of energy at bad synchronization of work of switchboards. If, for example, mistake of time of inclusion and the deenergizings of switchboards make only 1 % at a working pressure(voltage) of 1000 Volts and active resistance of switchboards 10 Ом, the losses in switchboards will make 1 Ампер, and the work on hundreds миллиампер is senseless. Really switchboards while work with mistakes (5 - 200) % and the EFFICIENCY changes from two hundred, up to полутора of units, that while it is not enough for автономизации of system энергообеспечения. 200 units of EFFICIENCY occur by management скважности of pulses, 30-60 units at the expense of synchronization. It is very complex(difficult) to execute a task of synchronization of the moments of time of inclusion and deenergizing of several switchboards in the circuit of transformation of infinite energy of a point. The problem of synchronization of these moments of time is connected that by transfer from the switchboard on the switchboard of pulses of an electrical current through capacity, inductance or even the active resistance on the appropriate frequencies, occurs a delay of pulses and their distortion. The complex(difficult) complex synchronization of every possible processes in the circuit compels to carry out(spend) additional researches of questions: 1. Generation of rectangular pulses, their amplification(strengthening) up to required capacities with an output(exit) on some symmetric inverting and not inverting channels of transfer of management to the circuit; 2. Opportunities of transfer of the pulse, undistorted and amplified(strengthened) on amplitude, from an input(entrance) of the switchboard on his(its) output(exit) under various loadings in a required strip of frequencies; 3. Check of variants of the coordinated work of switchboards in various modes of the circuit. The mistakes scientific in accounts of energy follow because of not enough advanced level of electronics. The researches of the switchboards which have been carried out(spent) by the author on 17.01.2010г. have shown is inadmissible bad work of transistors, тиристоров and other switches. Осциллограф really gives out perfect картинку ostensibly transfers of pulses. The creation of special additional devices of measurement opens insufficiency of the information from осциллографа, voltmeter and ammeter. It appears, that the switchboards pass(miss) an additional current, showing in осциллографе an excellent(different) pulse of switching. In the circuits of check the author has excluded these distortions by transistors КТ3102 and КТ3107 in allowable borders for acknowledgement(confirmation) of work of the formula of EFFICIENCY = 4 - 4К. At representation 30 - multiple EFFICIENCY of energy стоваттной of capacity, it(he) also has cleaned(removed) maximum mistakes of switching. Necessity of additional researches of switchboards now has appeared for their work in transfer of energy separately by each switchboard. The switchboard has the transfer characteristics. The points of an excess of functions of management are switching pictures of real process. In points of an excess the switchboard shows functions of the unit of two environments(Wednesdays), transients, transitions of atoms from one stationary modes in others (causing the phenomena of absorption and distribution additional энергий). Thus, the switchboard is a rather separate element requiring(demanding) constant and continuous research for reception of relative EFFICIENCY. The transistors and тиристоры high-power, in work with their management of a continuous sequence of rectangular pulses of an electrical current, are badly closed and pass(miss) a current, in the closed condition, inadmissible size at connection to them inductive or резистивной of loading. At the initial moment of time of a closing pulse working in a circuit of management, they are closed, but then open on all stayed time of action of a closing pulse. The synchronization of system of infinite energy of a point requires(demands) a lot of time for reception of an autonomy. The slightest deviations(rejections) of parameters of pulses from each other, in simultaneously working switchboards for пропускания of currents on inductance, instantly allow закорачиваться vast electrical currents, not passing(missing) them on loading. Interrelation and the interdependence of all processes in the circuit strongly complicates a task. The manufacturing of an independent sample requires(demands) uncertain time. Roughly author considers(counts), that the uncertainty is limited to experiments, which confirm end of the basic researches. Some variants of windings and circuits of management of energy for end of an autonomy are particularly looked through all. Is constantly settled an invoice of the circuits, elements, units and parameters of designs of variants with the purpose of optimization of continuations of experiments. The researches have shown complexities of work of the powerful high-voltage transistor at work with inductance. The inductance is included (in a collector circuit of the transistor) consistently in a circuit with a source of a constant pressure(voltage) of 25 Volts, high-voltage - diode and transistor, sufficient capacities for work. Between base and emitter of the transistor the generator of rectangular pulses for management of the transistor is connected. Under influence of a closing pressure(voltage) of a managing pulse, the transistor begins some time to be closed, thus on his(its) collector high potential of a pressure(voltage) up to several киловольт, existing the one fifth share of time of closing of the transistor is formed. Then this potential falls up to a pressure(voltage) of constant meaning(importance) of a source of a pressure(voltage) of 25 Volts kept up to the end of time of closing of the transistor. The size of a current proceeding on a circuit of inductance with the transistor, diode and source of a pressure(voltage), makes five миллиампер. The measurements show, that the size of a current is constant. There is a number(line) of questions. Why the size of a current is constant at pulse management? Why falls киловольтный potential? While there is a number(line) of the assumptions and hypotheses, which can become the theories on these questions after acknowledgement(confirmation) by experiments. The parts of functions of the circuit of transformation of energy of a point were investigated for synchronization of parameters, interaction of elements and units, influence of capacities, индуктивностей, currents, potentials, work of switchboards with loading and without loading. The special interest causes process of switching, in which the various effects of occurrence and disappearance of a constant current in a pulse mode are observed. In electronics the concept of a constant component of a current of a pulse mode is known. At work of the switchboard, under the control of a continuous sequence the rectangular pulses of an electrical current, can observe the phenomenon of presence of a constant current in a circuit of the power supply, resistor and switchboard connected consistently. How there is a constant current in this circuit registered осциллографом and the receiver of thermal radiation? The answer is unequivocal: this current from other measurement, though is observed simultaneous loss of a proportional current in the power supply. The proportional current of the power supply leaves also in other measurement. Such answer is explained by the certain independence of constant currents of the power supply and circuit, since the circuit is broken off by the switchboard, the constant current continues a leak on the resistor and switchboard, but simultaneously with this current, in the power supply the appropriate quantity(amount) of an electrical charge disappears. The business in that for course of a constant current on the resistor at the moment of break of a circuit, is necessary to apply(put) additional forces for reception of such current in the resistor and in the power supply which is taking place at this moment of time broken off from each other switchboard, to what the indications осциллографа and receiver of thermal radiation testify. However it is possible this circuit to add in capacity in the certain combination with the same switchboard, power supply and resistor, and the constant current can stop, осциллограф will show his(its) absence, and the receiver of heat also will show a normal picture? These phenomena carry very complex(difficult) character. It is necessary to spend many forces for their researches, since. EFFICIENCY of the circuit is connected to these phenomena. The attempts, some researchers to avoid interrelation with other measurements in circuits with switchboards, doomed on failure. The absence of concepts of other measurements in traditional sciences strongly brakes development of power on a planet. The represented examples "Н", come on a planet from other measurements, evidently demonstrate difficulties of contacts of the various worlds. A number(line) of other parallel researches of circuits of switching of a source of a pressure(voltage), through diodes, transistors, inductance, capacity and the resistors, have shown a variety of times of existence киловольтных of potentials and sizes of currents. The block diagram with several switchboards, diodes and capacities allowing to receive thirty units of EFFICIENCY energy, is submitted in the book. Her(it) practically checked and the experts have confirmed. This circuit requires(demands) synchronization of work of switchboards. She(it) also has required research of properties of elements of switching, which, as, has appeared, have the nuances. It is necessary to check up mechanical switchboards (relay and automobile breakers) for presence of a constant current in a switching mode with inductance and source of a pressure(voltage). Realizations of experiments with mechanical switchboards will need uncertain time by virtue of creation of appropriate conditions, necessary for it, development of technology of measurements and models of electronic samples. The experiments of the new circuit of the independent converter of kinds of space (АПВП) were carried out(spent). This variant differs from the previous variants new way of switching of electrical currents which are taking place on circuits the circuits. As a result of experiments the inevitability of losses a minimum of four-multiple EFFICIENCY энергий in switchboards of the circuit theoretically is proved, that means compulsion of practical losses of the large sizes. At switching, from the condenser on the condenser, electrical current of rectangular pulses of a continuous sequence with скважностью, equal to two units, the minimum four sizes of energy of this current in the switchboard is lost at the expense of arising difference of sizes of potentials transmitting and accepting a current, capacities. So the circuit of switching allowing to receive EFFICIENCY many times over(many times) more of four units is arranged. This lost energy is allocated in complex resistance - switchboard and capacities. Other energy almost all is lost in other elements, but basically, in магнитопроводе on electromagnetic radiation. After losses, on active loading is allocated more than double electrical energy concerning energy подпитки of the circuit. For the account скважности of a pulse equal two, entrance part of the circuit подпитки, поглотит one of two parts of energy at attempt of return in подпитку of energy of active loading. Taking into account losses of the circuit of return and other circuits, the autonomy will be impossible. The variant of decrease(reduction) of losses of the switchboard is looked through at the expense of increase of size скважности of a pulse, but the proportional losses in подпитке, working in same скважности will appear. The increase скважности indefinitely will result in zero losses in switchboards at decrease(reduction) in them power failures Use of the inductive and capacitor phenomena of transfers энергий, at the expense of reception энергий of unknown measurements under the formulas using the phenomenon скважности, will allow to continue research АПВП in a direction of end of works. 8 and March 9 2010г. the author receives the new phenomenon of increase of a target pressure(voltage) of the circuit at the expense of increase of an electrical charge coming from other measurements, but now taking place on complex conductors, in the basic part containing various size индуктивностей of charges and categories of capacities. The charges pass on one индуктивностям, and categories on anothers. In result there is an increase of an electrical charge expressed in the earlier open formula at a charge of the condenser through one resistor (Rє) and the category through other resistor (Rp) by rectangular pulses of a continuous sequence with скважностью N: " EFFICIENCY = Rp / (Rє*N), at RУ = Rє * (N-1) * (N-1) " (. * - mark of multiplication). This new phenomenon allows to see new variants of researches of small-sized sources of infinite energy taken from a point. The case of increase of a target pressure(voltage) of the circuit up to sizes exceeding its(her) entrance pressure(voltage) without use of additional converters is represented to one of variants which strongly lose energy during transformation. The energy in addition grows instead of its(her) losses. At the same time relative capacity of such circuit essentially grows also, that also acts by the new phenomenon for preservation of advantage of a direction of works in comparison with a direction of increase of dimensions индуктивностей with the purposes of increase of EFFICIENCY. The new circuit provides cascade increase of effect at the expense of addition of switchboards and division of inductance into the parts being elements of the submitted formula of EFFICIENCY. Such approach results in reception of small-sized systems with the beforehand established parameters of capacities, энергий and EFFICIENCY. The inductance is divided(shared) on elements instead of increase of its(her) dimensions. The quantity(amount) of elements of the same inductance and small-sized switchboards is increased. The synchronization of switching begins to play even more main role. Any dialectic struggle, but only division of elements of a point and synchronization of processes of management of change of kinds and forms of energy of a point directed for the consumers. The effect of algebraic division or attitudes(relation) shows the properties in the new phenomenon. The circuit on variants of changes of elements of communication(connection) and parts of inductance with points of the circuit for preservation of an opportunity of continuous increase of energy from a point was checked. The elements changed on parameters and functions, in summary the effect of increase of potentials of a pressure(voltage) and currents of the circuit was observed at constant meanings(importance) of energy of a feed(meal). The circuit increased the EFFICIENCY. The meanings(importance) of sizes of EFFICIENCY will be latent that the extraneous observers like to increase cost of life of a society(community) by inflation, девальвацией and дефолтом, in a strict proportion from received sizes of EFFICIENCY. The protection against handicapes is one of the basic functions of objects of a point for preservation of the properties and laws in conditions of influence on the part of other objects of internal and external environment(Wednesday). It is a lot of the decisions of a task of protection from handicapes exists in information sources. The offered decision of this task by a method of the complex approach of use of the new formulas and equations, is rather absolute, owing to a conclusion of the formula of infinite EFFICIENCY on the basis of open effect and research of the circuits. Subsequent behind these results, the works of the author and other researchers, will be based on these formulas. In connection with that the interactions infinite энергий of points are infinite variants in concrete displays, the infinite work on protection against handicapes in infinite time will be carried out(spent). The absolute general(common) decision is relative in concrete cases. The nature changes continuously, and it creates handicapes. It is necessary to create adaptive systems of protection. The handicapes can be infinite on size. The functions of division allow to create monitoring systems, management and protection against handicapes anyone of the beforehand given complexities and энергий.


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