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Temporary transitions.

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2:27 28.05.2012г.

The general(common) analysis of transitions in time
The objects exist only in movement with continuously varied parameters.
The relative change измеряемых of parameters of object at his(its) movement occurs With transitions in time (with temporary transitions). The object does not exist without temporary Transitions, being by a complex of infinite and relative kinds, forms of consciousness and энергий.



Movements of kinds and forms the component of a complex occurs in all measurements, i.e. object always Passes on other measurements, continuously changing the parameters. After transition, object, Having changed the parameters and parameters of the observer, receives new relative measurements.
The point is object and has ability of infinite EFFICIENCY, that means Its(her) opportunity of ideal transition in time.
The relativity in infinite energy of temporary transitions is as division (attitude((relation)) Analog sizes of time.
Bases of infinite energy - effect of the attitudes(relations).
EFFICIENCY - attitude(relation) of sizes. In some formulas of EFFICIENCY - attitude(relation) of sizes длительностей of times And sizes of resistors. Sizes of resistors - size them of some extents, i.e. Spaces.
Relativity of management infinite энергиями and from time to time point, is expressed in The spatial and temporary attitudes(relations), in continuous interaction of driven sizes With definition of capacities and энергий.
The management of temporary transitions is possible by various ways of change of infinity энергий of a point.
Investigating this management, it is possible to speak about the mechanics of a relativity of temporary transitions, I.e. their concrete performance.
Infinity of the attitudes(relations) of temporary transitions of kinds, forms of energy and movement, them взаимопревращений, creates infinite variations of times, spaces by preservation, change And superposition.
The relativity is defined(determined) by consciousness, devices, systems etc. What error Relativities? In what kinds and forms she(it) is measured? Who, what, and than measures her(it)? There is a weight of other soluble and unsolved tasks. Using the large pulse capacity, It is elementary possible to execute function of transition, applying the formulas of opening, Represented in the book.
Energy and movement exist only in time.
The formulas of movement and energy include time.
Object - relative temporary point.
The points are components of all objects.
Now, basic practical result for management of time of transitions With the help of intelligence, it is possible to name the new theories, formula, equation, circuits and devices Other measurements.
Other measurements are the forms and kinds of complexes infinite энергий with frequencies of movements, Aspiring to infinity.
The sense organs of the man and devices, usual ways of traditional sciences them do not find out. Парапсихология studies these other measurements by the ways.
The devices also register these measurements, but kinds and forms of acting signals is weak Are investigated.
Infinite potential energy of the condenser, inductance, element, point, vacuum, Zero, constant magnets and other similar mysterious energy are variants others Measurements with very high frequencies and other parameters, измеряемыми on these frequencies with By the appropriate modulations.
Infinite energy, due to the very high frequencies are capable to penetrate on anyone Distances for infinitesimal time through infinitesimal capacities of spaces, not speaking Already about their penetration through the large capacities. Thus of infinite energy can To not be perceived by the certain objects, through which they pass.
Such concept is capable to explain many unexplored existing mysterious phenomena.
In a basis of infinite energy of temporary transitions of a point the property of preservation lays Potential (potential energy) condenser in his(its) pulse charge - category, By change of energy of the category.
Unsolved tasks are the definitions of unknown ways of the control of other measurement Allowable error and norms of its(her) sizes for realization of real transitions of objects In new measurement and return therefrom back without essential changes.
The transitions on measurements are carried out of the rather synchronously working standard, that To make supervision of transitions and management of their processes.
The synchronization allows to operate necessary forces and энергиями for transitions of measurements And passing objects.
Last works show direct dependence of energy of transitions of a point on quality Synchronization of its(her) parameters concerning the certain standards.
Than less error of synchronization of these parameters, the more size of energy, Received by independent variant.
Capacity makes бесследное absorption in as allocation from anything (others unknown Measurements) electrical charges at the appropriate switching of this capacity in electrical The circuits, and capacity of switchboards are connected indissolubly to this capacity, and consequently it is necessary To consider(examine) separately processes in these capacities.
Presence of varied capacity of the switchboard during process of switching results to Inevitability of transitions of charges on unknown measurements of the switchboard.
The switchboard closes and opens the channel for an electrical current at appropriate Management.
The switchboard creates varied capacity with acting on him(it) from the power supply By electrical charges, during closing, and then charges translates in other measurements In an operating time of the channel.
This process is possible to investigate, settling an invoice electrical balance of currents in Researched circuit of switching.
Varied capacity of the switchboard brings in inevitable losses to a circuit of switching.
The switchboards are necessary for investigating practically separately on this direction before creation Systems of synchronization of all switchboards which are included in the circuit of transitions.
The transitions "Н" can be represented by various ways. It(he) informed, that processes of transitions in our star systems (galaxies installed etc.) Occur cyclically. These cycles are visible from measurement "Н" as periodic closed Trajectories of movements perceived here life and death.
This information it(he) already represented to the various experts during several decades. In result the similar information from other authors has appeared.
The machine of time (temporary transitions) interests all without exception. How many debate was on To this theme on some forums? How many information on the machine of time in various Sources?
Only some part of the information really really approaches the moment of creation Moving object on measurements as the real device.
The author offers to consider process of travel on these notorious measurements simple Electrical charge with hope to embody his(its) functions in other object, or, after careful The analysis of movement of a charge to receive the important information for a theme.
The formula is received: EFFICIENCY aspiring to infinity at a charge of the condenser through one The resistor (Rє) and category through other resistor (Rp) by rectangular pulses continuous Sequences with скважностью N:
" EFFICIENCY = Rp / (Rє*N), at RУ = Rє * (N-1) * (N-1) " (. * - mark of multiplication).
The received formula conducts to the accelerated development of sciences in a direction of development of measurements and Introductions of results of study of engineering of moving of real objects on points of the past, The present and future time.
The charge passes from measurement in measurement.
Where there leaves the information without leaving a trace? Too in other measurements?
The science also exists objectively, she(it) несотворима and неуничтожима, but can change Kinds and forms, moving (passing on times) on the certain laws, being valid Its(her) objectivity also by object for research and study.
Movement of a science, as object, occurs on natural times and has ways, about Which spoke К.Маркс, повествуя about stony tracks of a science, on which is necessary to pass for Achievement of its(her) shining tops. The way, without time, i.e. temporary transitions, is not present. Time Continuously goes, flows, i.e. continuously passes from one kind in another. Same Concerns to object, which without time does not exist.
The trajectories of ways and various sciences are necessary for investigating, as well as their other phenomena, Properties and laws of transitions.
The history of development of various sciences investigates them continuously and this research also is possible To observe as the certain trajectory in time.
The temporary transitions of such trajectories can have various kinds and forms, being by points, By functions of points of researches and other elements of trajectories.
All functions, processes, other representations of the forms and kinds of movements of energy, objects, It is possible to present the subjects, societies(communities), sciences, researches etc., diagrams and trajectories Transitions in space and time.
The multiregularity of time of transitions assumes infinite quantity(amount) of his(its) coordinates, Considering, for example formula of EFFICIENCY = 4 - 4К, taking into account power of other measurements And requiring(demanding) definition of all possible(probable) coordinates.
The existence of time as object is proved. Therefore concrete place it receives in Result of his(its) consideration concerning the researcher, for example in environment(Wednesday), space, To the circuit, theory, in sources of the information etc.
The coordinates allow to carry out, to make operations of the attitudes(relations) of sizes rather The chosen standards and, measurement of relativities of parameters thus is defined(determined) Objects.
Without definition of coordinates it is impossible to expect relative capacity, energy, speed, Time both other parameters of object and environment(Wednesday) to study and to investigate and other functions, To receive, to transfer the information and energy with the greatest effect.
The coordinates enable to carry out set of operations for relative existence Object, his(its) preservation and change with definite purposes.
The study of new measurements is impossible without research of their coordinates.
Concrete coordinates of a place of transitions of charges on other measurements in the circuits, is A number(line) of points of elements, on which passes a pulse charge, changing the parameters of energy, Not consuming her(it) from the power supply.
The charge is an element of electrical fields of object being components all it(him) Parts.
Defining(determining) coordinates of one of charges of object, it is possible to define(determine) coordinates of object, And also his(its) separate elements - fields, parts of consciousness etc., taking place on various To measurements with the certain tasks of study, research and management.
With the help of such functions "Н" successfully carries out transitions by all essence and it(him) Separate parts on various measurements, makes necessary research and Other activity at direct participation of the genetic memory, совершенствующейся During this activity.
The definition of time is actually definition of other measurements, which are The past and future times, in which can pass object on an example electrical Charge.
How it(he) passes on measurements, from which scoops additional energy, or Gives back without leaving a trace?
It is possible, that the process of transition is carried out at the expense of opening any channels, By avalanche processes пробоев, electromagnetic pulses, in points of an excess of functions Periodic and continuous fluctuations of electrical currents of the rectangular form.
Why so much years were absent the information on opening infinite энергий of points by the scientists Дираком, Ш. and others with them working?
What for functions of definition of the attitudes(relations) it is necessary to carry out for research of other measurements?
What functions used "Н" for instant moving on measurements?
It still long should be found out. At "Н" strong genetic memory generated In other conditions before transition in our measurements.
It(he) promptly leaves in development of sciences of infinite energy of a point, due to Genetic memory capable to allow to it(him) instantly to decide(solve) exact logic tasks, Excepting false directions at a level of subconsciousness, comparison with the last knowledge, Received in his(its) measurements. Therefore it(him) do not understand and are not capable to understand many Modern сильнейшие the world(global) scientists. But all the same there are on a planet those who partially can To understand his(its) theories transmitted from him(it) to a society(community). Slowly, but is correct, The scientific and technical progress again begins to grow.
It is a lot of also those who during life lived, studied, worked and cooperated with "Н". They perfectly remember and know his(its) impossible on the first sight think, reflection, work, The decisions and others, mad for some business and acts.
Current on current, " in jets, колеях ", many be not capable were to understand sharp, Contrast, temperamental and instantly unexpected acts "Н", which was guided By the genetic memory named here absolutely illiterate as intuition.
The intuition is only infinitesimal a part of genetic memory and represents Subconscious elements received in this measurement.
The relativity used "Н" at an absolute level, allows it(him) to pass On measurements, as if the machine of time to apply the genetic memory and infinite The quantity(amount) of other genetic functions is concrete to real tasks, and is especial in area Power.
The information and energy взаимопереходящи. The information - version of energy. What expenses On its(her) carry? The business in a resonance of energy or time can here?
Undoubtedly, the resonance of time has the large meaning(importance).
The differences of the new circuits of temporary transitions consist and in definition of a resonance. Has appeared, That quantity(amount) of capacities, индуктивностей, resistors, semiconductors and their compositions of the circuits, Participating in work, aspires to infinity and the resonance is defined(determined) by(with) system automatic Regulation (САР), taking into account as much as possible all parameters, size etc., influencing on Work of the device. САР adjusts set of sizes of parameters of the circuit by a complex(difficult) network Managements and adjustments on given by the researcher to attributes of the identification of target parameters Devices.
The machine of time. The device of time. Temporary transition. Travel back, forward, in the future, Last, present. It is a lot of variants of definitions, and all of them are relative.
Concerning what the question of movement and moving of a trajectory is considered(examined)?
How the law of the attitudes(relations) or effect of a trajectory is expressed?
The idea can travel in time, and she(it) is object of a trajectory.
Why - an idea to not investigate on this question of its(her) opportunity be in various measurements?
The electronic amplifiers should decide(solve) this task, if it is enough study materials of the book.
What effect to investigate materials for the decision of this task by?
The trajectories of movement of objects have various parameters by virtue of their multiregularity of measurements, On which pass charges of fields of these objects changing parameters.
Elementary кинематика investigates the elementary forms of movement of points, not considering(examining) others Real measurements, which has allowed to find out the theory in the concrete formulas, equations And circuits.
New кинематика can consider(examine) the parts of sciences, applying these formulas, circuit and The equations of movement of a material point in view of the formulas Галилея, third law of Newton, The equations a Rod, theory Бора and theories others scientific, revealing function infinite Energy of transitions of a point.
Thus, кинематика receives development in new directions of modern sciences on To new basis of the perfect mechanisms and technologies.
The open new technologies will allow to speed up development of new sciences кинематики, using The modern generalized concepts including achievement traditional and nonconventional Sciences.
These sciences, at last, will put began to disclosing of great secrets мироздания concerning others Measurements of spaces and time, will allow to create engineering for development of these measurements and The accelerated process of inclusion of all mankind in direct participation of perfection Space.
Speed of an electromagnetic wave, or charge, are known in the textbooks and directories of physics. Taking into account the formulas and equations, it is possible to receive the general(common) equations кинематического of movement Dot charge on measurements, investigating processes in the concrete and abstract circuits.
Certainly, it is uneasy work required for creation of new mechanisms of moving.
Then, investigating processes кинематики of a charge, it is possible to build hypotheses and theories of creation п еремещения on measurements of more complex(difficult) elements of a nature.
It is a lot of directions of works under the theories, and кинематика enters by one of sections of these theories, Requiring in active support by other scientists.
The objectivity is proved by the analysis of the phenomena, laws and properties of objects, Existing in various kinds, forms of infinite combinations, dialectically relative Movements and immovabilities of electromagnetic waves of space and time.
These, dialectically relative combinations are perceived by others by the same combinations In kinds and forms of points certain bodies, groups, complexes etc., represented by variants The material world, space and nature. Electronics rather close has approached to such representation of real and other measurement. The combinations of temporary transitions can be classified to the certain conditional attributes concerning the established standards. The detection of new measurements shows new variations of combinational classification. The existing sciences classify real-life objects, коими are also temporary transitions.
Now, due to the formulas, equations and circuits, the reality accepts new kinds and forms, Also obliges to take into account her(it) in classification of new objectivity.
For creation of new classification it is necessary to pass a long way of development of the theories, having checked up Them in numerous variants of practice, not stopping on dogmas and developing these theories In all directions of sciences.
In a circuit with connected consistently by power supply, resistor and switchboard, Controlled by a continuous sequence by rectangular pulses of an electrical current, The phenomenon of presence of a constant current can be observed.
How there is a constant current in this circuit registered, in the resistor, осциллографом and receiver of thermal radiation?
The answer is unequivocal: it is a current passing from other measurement, though is observed Simultaneous loss of a proportional current in the power supply.
The proportional current of the power supply leaves also in other measurement. Such answer is explained by the certain independence of constant currents of a source A feed(meal) and circuit, since the circuit is broken off by the switchboard, the constant current continues a leak On the resistor and switchboard, but simultaneously with this current, in the power supply disappears The appropriate quantity(amount) of an electrical charge.
In the circuit the various functions of measurements with the certain relative independence come to light.
The relativity is expressed by presence of abstract breaks of a circuit by the switchboard, really impossible In a nature.
Thus, it is possible to assume variants of the reasons of occurrence and course constant Current in abstract(abstractly) разрываемой, and actually changing the resistance, circuit. Size Constant current разрываемой of a circuit, is kept to equal size of a current of the closed circuit.
This paradox causes an explanation of such phenomenon by presence of unknown other measurements.
Actually current always goes, proceeding from infinity of the phenomena. It is a current Infinite measurements.
In electronics, electrical engineer, the laws of switching, on which are known for power and physics It is instantly impossible to change sizes of an electrical current in inductance and pressure(voltage) On capacity.
The real condenser and resistor have functions of capacities and индуктивностей, and such The functions cause the appropriate processes of emissions and absorption of energy.
Functions of emissions and absorption of energy, capacities and индуктивностями in circuits with continuous By charges, and categories of capacities caused by a sequence of rectangular pulses Electrical current, are submitted in the book.
The rectangular pulse of an electrical current represents a spectrum гармонических Components with frequencies from zero indefinitely.
The resistor frequently use as inductance in electrical circuits on high Frequencies, and also take into account his(its) inductive and capacitor abilities in accounts electrical Circuits.
It is possible to assume one more of the reasons of occurrence of a constant current in a switched circuit.
Such reason can be a proceeding high-frequency current arising at the moment of break Circuits of the resistor and occurrence of induction process with high pressure(voltage) of harmonics, In which it is impossible to stop a current. This current can be perceived(recognized), as constant Current, devices, осциллографом and receiver of thermal radiation.
Such explanation can be accepted as one of hypotheses of occurrences of energy others Measurements.
Attempts to explain by accumulation of energy in circuits with inductance in similar processes Are the unsuccessful compositions, since without accumulation энергий the formulas are demonstrated, The equations and circuits, and also тридцатикратный EFFICIENCY of energy of a similar circuit with acknowledgement(confirmations) The known experts.
Using set of similar functions, "Н" demonstrates opportunities of energy others Measurements shown in genetic memory, transitions and other abilities of reason And body, changing functions and keeping abilities.
In the formulas the attitude(relation) of sizes is considered(examined).
The attitude(relation) allows to transform one kind of a charge in another.
Charge - object. In the circuit of the author it(he) occurs anywhere and disappears without leaving a trace, i.e. Travels on measurements or in time.
The transition of object - charge in time, in the real circuit is proved.
It is obvious, that the travel to the past or future of a point is a result of effect Consecutive stabilization either standard unit, or conditional zero, and results Such travel we have on example of travel of the American destroyer in 1943, when with табилизация of electromagnetic and light flows has resulted in moving a destroyer in space And time.
Casually researchers have received results of moving.
Clearly under the information on experiment, that there stabilized process of absence of a destroyer For radars, and it(him) have received, but have received also process of moving. Continuation of division деленных And subtraction of the deducted sizes at stabilization, change - future time.
Therefore in this experiment there was an opportunity of transition of a destroyer, both in the past, and in the future Time.
Other experiments connected to change of density of a field and change of time, too Demonstrate binding to what stabilization - that of sizes and, naturally, occurrence of the machine Time. Change duration of process by change of density, and duration of process - time, Therefore and the hours other environment(Wednesday) "go" in another way. What process is stabilized, in what direction, such and time, there it and flows. For management of time it is necessary to operate object consisting of relative groups. The various variants have an opportunity of association for the decision of the certain tasks.
Such associations, for example, as groups of objects can be perceived by the observer. The groups of charges participate in variants. On pages the variants from certain(determined) are submitted The groups existing in movement concerning certain system of readout.
Error of transitions If the space is compressed, it and extends, but then the time is compressed and extends.
Speed of object in space have changed - have received process of change of density, so and Time. The change of density - is change concerning something stable - or zero, Or unit (conditional), and it for the present not temporary transition in sense of transition Герберта Уэллса. Density have changed, the arrows(pointer) have braked and were surprised, and early. At Уэллса machine disappeared at Transition in other time, and the hours disappeared, and here hours on a place, and arrow(pointer) are braked, or Are accelerated, but do not disappear. The change of duration - change of time, but it is clear, that Not the machine of time Герберта Уэллса, and the people that dream of it(her), instead of about changes The indications of hours.
To leave in any other time, it is enough to you enter physical contact With objects of that time and to remain in that contact to sufficient size of an error, That the formulas allow. Thus to you, for sensation of transition, it is necessary to lose sufficient Contact on all parameters with objects of the present time. Here you " will lose communication(connection) ", And you "will lose". In that other time and it is natural space, you will be enough All to feel to realize and to cooperate with objects in the other time. To find objects Other time is allowed by(with) the formulas, which allow to hold and communication(connection) between measurements (From time to time). For transition in other measurement there is no necessity to have a lot of energy. Using, for example, large pulse capacity, it is elementary possible to execute Function of transition.
The sufficient size of an error of transitions means, that it is impossible absolutely to pass On times. The infinity allows to remain to objects of transitions in all times, But in the certain sizes. It The phenomenon uses "Н" and it can be used by the man for various functions The existence in the various worlds, times, spaces and measurements.
The man can supervise the last and future times, using Errors of transitions and appropriate electronics on the basis of effect of algebraic division.
It(he) in ideas and in dream already uses properties of errors of transitions, Travelling in time.
The measurement "Н" is indefinite far, and it(he) scoops therefrom information, using errors Transitions.
"Н" Considers(examines) trajectories of objects in times and measurements, Thanking абсолютности of an error of transitions.
It(he) repeatedly informed to the various experts during the life, that has considered Infinite quantities(amounts) of trajectories, so-called here of life and death, and actually Temporary transitions of the certain kinds энергий before to arrive here for researches Natural and vital processes installed, galaxies and other infinite star коплений.
These trajectories are closed in space.
The trajectories are circles, ellipses or kinds of other functions.
The lengths of trajectories are various.
These kinds энергий неуничтожимы rather and name them here as soul of the man.
There are trajectories, which sizes exceed the sizes huge installed and galaxies, but all They - trajectory by one huge for здешних of measurements of a point, which is indefinitely Small in comparison with a point, whence has arrived "Н".
Having considered trajectories for their history, by introduction in them of elements of the sight, One of these elements it(he) has left in one of trajectories, most it(him) interesting, with By the appropriate functions of existence and development.
Actually, "Н" has taken advantage of one of elements of the part which has stayed in result Errors his(its) indefinitely old on time of transition on this site infinite Space.
So it(he) operates weather and all space.
The life, passing on times, leaves about itself the complete information in all measurements The last time. So, for example, gene works.
So it is possible to operate the last time and to feel changes of the last time in a reality, Which name as the present time. It is the complete control of the last time.
The present time is not present, the future is not known. Always there is an information only about the past Time.
The machine of time of final energy can find the last time with an infinite degree Errors.
With the future time also it is complex(difficult). It is formed by the last time,
Which is indefinite. To calculate parameters of the future time it is possible only with infinite By mistake at absence of the machine of management of infinite energy of a point.


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