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Beginnings of new mathematics

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Zero is the standard uncertainty, i.e. infinity. Any mathematical operations of sizes, with zero, transform result of these operations in Uncertainty, i.e. in infinity. Result of subtraction (difference) of equal sizes is zero, that is uncertainty, Differently, infinity. This result will be coordinated to physics of interactions electromagnetic энергий. From reduced have deducted deducted, equal on size reduced and have received zero, anything, Uncertain size. But the uncertainty is an infinity and uncertain size, Always numerically - is infinite. She(it), infinite энергиями, cooperates with positive And the negative sizes and cannot be neglected it. It is possible in special cases to use Principle of a superpositions allowing to decide(solve) of a mathematical task by conditions independence Interactions of sizes in the limited mathematical circuit of the equation (in a mathematical contour). The application of the laws Кирхгофа is obvious and in mathematical tasks. The mathematics uses them and is silent about it. Кирхгоф took into account the requirements of mathematics for the conclusions, and the mathematics does not take into account Realities Кирхгофа. It(he) uses a principle of a superposition for certain(determined) энергий, and uncertain (Infinite) does not take into account too. And the mathematics does not take into account Кирхгофа by the same principle of a superposition. She(it) decides(solves) the certain tasks also to it(her) of uncertainty are not necessary. You see the physics neglects them! The new mathematics takes into account of uncertainty on the basis of the new theories and expresses them In the new formulas, equations and circuits of the book. It forces to do(make) practice. The summation of mathematical and electromagnetic functions, now, is carried out in view of marks, Principles of a superposition, неопределенностей and Кирхгофа. Using definitions Кирхгофа and effect of algebraic division, It is possible to deduce(remove) functions product, and other operations in new mathematics. For this purpose it is required To coordinate received results according to practice traditional and new By mathematics. 11:17 27.05.2012г. 18:56 29.05.2012г.

The mathematics uses conditions of tasks for a leaving(care) from неопределенностей (infinity) and return to them. It is an obvious principle of a superposition in mathematics of groups of objects which are indissolubly taking place among uncertain (infinite quantitatively) of other objects. It(he) is subconsciously used in physics and mathematics of final sizes, and now opens by the author. This basic, fundamental opening allowing to join of a science with practice infinite energy of a point. It is a principle of a superposition infinite энергий of a point. Now in mathematics it is possible to put and to clean(remove) uncertain (infinite) sizes, referring not on absolutely erroneous rules of mathematics, and on an absolutely correct principle of a superposition. This opening in mathematics, is generalization of a principle of a superposition in physics. The physics of a point can now be submitted by various variants of interactions of sizes, by a general(common) principle of a superposition of mathematics, any processes in all measurements, spaces and times existing simultaneously in one point as неопределенностей (infinity). Newton has deduced(removed) the third Law, subconsciously were guided this opening, which can exclude of uncertain (infinite) energy of points in any tasks. It(he) operates with two forces from infinite forces of a point, due to natural work of this opening. The author has understood it and has included of uncertain (infinite) energy of a points excluded by Newton for the conclusion of the law by a principle of a superposition in final tasks. The result of the author is obvious. Due to this opening, all sciences get sense as separate sciences in infinite sciences of a point. In it(her) the principle of a superposition infinite энергий of sciences of a point - principle of independence of each of infinite энергий of sciences of a point in accounts of tasks works. Energy of sciences of a point exist independently in infinite energy of a point, not considering(examining) its(her) this infinite energy before the certain time. The contradictions of mathematics are opened, and the infinite energy of a point opens new mathematics with a new principle of a superposition of infinite energy of mathematics of a point. 23:00 29.05.2012г.



30.05.2012г. 9:55:47.
The mathematics is a physics in conditional, certain categories of symbols, sizes and marks, equations and formulas, logic, expressions and other information phenomena, properties and laws. Other sciences are similarly defined(determined), that allows to distribute to them a principle of a superposition of mathematics. The sciences are objects (points) with attribute of continuous movement of uncertain (infinite) energy which is carrying out a principle of a superposition. They are studied and are investigated separately, being allocated kinds from Uniform, uncertain (infinite) energy of a point. Zero is a relative and absolute object certain point in sciences. It(he) is a kind of continuous (infinite) energy entering by attribute into all kinds and the form of sciences, their phenomena, properties and laws, allowing to apply a principle of a superposition. The mathematics begins with definition of number as expression of a fragment of uncertain (infinite) energy of a point. Arithmetics - conditional science of interaction of numbers allocated from uncertain (infinite) энергий of a point with a principle of a superposition. Other kinds and the forms of mathematics conditionally use a principle of a superposition for input, conclusion of variable and constant sizes with uncertain (infinite) energy. It allows mathematics to exist and to develop, considering(examining) numbers and variable, separately and комплексно, in the theory and practice. Fragment - relative object with uncertain (infinite) energy. The numbers and variable designate fragments of other objects, at which also is not certain the energy (is infinite). The error of definition of numbers and variable follows. There are adjusting sciences with неопределенностями (infinity). Абстрагирование, mathematics, numbers and variable, does not eliminate неопределенностей (infinity) of energy of a point. It conditionally allows to enter into mathematics a principle of a superposition for the decision of conditional tasks. The uncertainty (infinity) of energy of a point - is absolute and is rather unconditional.
30.05.2012г. 10:48



15:38 30.05.2012г.
Principle of a superposition, in sciences, are the conditions of definitions and tasks. The principle of a superposition is a principle of indemnification, system, external revolting influences, I.e. principle of stabilization open by the author Щипановым. It(he) is carried out by change of revolting influences on an input(entrance) of system. In result there is an allocation of object or effect of algebraic division. The errors of work of a principle, in system, are caused uncertain (infinite) энергиями of a principle and system. Independent, portable source controlled, infinite (uncertain) energy, Allows continuously to develop mathematics and all other sciences for indemnification negative Influences on the man. The negative influences are continuously increased. Their indemnification is continuous Is improved by conditions of the man, mathematics and other sciences.
15:38 30.05.2012г.



The doctrine of a point is one of variants of such source.



15:38 30.05.2012г.
The traditional mathematics finishes the program, since in the conditions, in arithmetics, algebra and
In others сввоих sections, she(it) does not reflect errors of uncertainty (infinity)



What the mathematics takes into account? What it is necessary to take into account? In mathematics there are sections taking into account imaginary and real parts of complex expressions. The real and imaginary parts of the various sums of separate expressions, develop separately, and result of addition is the sum of the sums of real and imaginary parts. This operation of addition of complex expressions is the beginning of operations with uncertain (infinite) sizes энергий. Mathematics and all sciences have understood an opportunity of mathematical operations with separate, real and imaginary parts of complex expressions being, as a matter of fact, expressions of sizes with uncertain (infinite) energy of any objects. They operate with real and imaginary parts of objects, not paying attention on an interdiction of operations in imaginary parts. The imaginary parts always represent uncertain (infinite) size of energy of object and with it(her) the operations are senseless, since uncertainty (infinity) always Remains by uncertainty (infinity). It is possible to operate by real parts, complex expressions of sizes of various objects, separately at the continuous account of uncertain (infinite) sizes of other parts of objects (other measurements). Mathematics and the sciences overlook(forget) about the integral presence of uncertain (infinite) parts of objects. They operate with their real parts, fix results of the operations and are admired by work of these operations. It allows to do(make) a principle of a superposition (effect of algebraic division), but it(he) does not allow to overlook(forget) and to ignore attribute of uncertainty (infinity) of sizes of energy of objects, which work continuously and can, in any instant, change the phenomena, property and law of object, in any variants неопределенностей (infinity) of sizes энергий.


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