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New physics

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_11:07 27.05.2012г.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of nineteen degrees. Small облачность. A wind северо - east.
The doctrine of new sciences of a point
New physics
The traditional science physics begins with definitions of a matter, movement and point, applying Category of time without his(its) definition.
This physics does not consider(examine) uncertain, i.e. infinite objects - consciousness, reason, Matter, movement, points and time, other worlds and measurements, and furthermore their interaction Among themselves and existing objects.
The present time is not present, since it is zero, between the past and future time. But it Is registered by an abstract image.
Zero of time is his(its) absence. But the objects in this zero time exist and Are registered by other objects and subjects.
The present time is absent and is present, is registered and can not be registered, Abstractly and particularly, vaguely and indefinitely.
Zero is a Object, uncertainty, i.e. infinity.
Zero of time is a Object, point, instant, between the past and future, uncertainty and infinity Time in movement.
The same properties have the past and future time, by absolute analogy with hereby By time.
Means, the registered objects are uncertain objects of simultaneous existence In zero and uncertain, absent and present time.
The objects are uncertain by virtue of uncertainty of time. They are real and are unreal, диалектичны also are relative, being defined(determined) in parameters uncertain, last, present And future time.
The uncertainty, i.e. infinity of objects and time contradicts their registration By consciousness, objects, subjects and devices. The contradiction is authorized by the attitude(relation) of sizes Concerning sizes of the standards, but too vaguely enough, i.e. it is indefinitely erroneous, Though is acceptable in a relativity up to the certain period диалектичного and relative Time.
The parameters of objects and time are defined(determined) rather and диалектично, in process of them It is enough to meet the requirements abilities, other objects and subjects.



20:35 28.05.2012г.
Uncertainty (infinity), sizes of forces and energy of a point, allow to the third law Newton to exist only in conditional, limited, traditional physics of the phenomena, properties And laws with uncertain (infinite) errors.
The devices and theories, at life of Newton, do not allow enough to fix uncertainty (Infinity) of energy of a point.
The modern devices and theories of sciences have allowed at a satisfactory level to define(determine) Uncertainty (infinity) of energy of a point and principle of a superposition allocate third The law of Newton in the limited physics.
The principle of a superposition, with uncertain sizes of an error, allows objects, To the subjects and devices to define(determine) infinite energy of a point to allocate from it(her), to accept, To change and to transfer limited by conditions of a task energy of this point, in the attitudes(relations).
The specified errors allow continuously to open the new phenomena, property and Laws of a points limited, kept doctrines and sciences of the certain measurement.
The measurement is caused, allocated, certain(determined) with such errors, object Spaces and time (past, present or future), existing in interaction With other objects.
The definition of a point is object with appropriate неопределенностями (Infinity).
Certain(determined) and limited, doctrine and the sciences, open and exist fundamental By basis for the new doctrines and sciences of a point with uncertain (infinite) energy.
The new doctrines and sciences are new physics new, working object to application it(him) In the theory and practice, in all kinds both forms of life and consciousness, in abstraction, конкретности and Realities.
Sections of new physics are other new sciences following physics. New physics Is the new base to new sciences.
The limited traditional mathematics conditionally enters and deduces of uncertainty (Infinity) from the formulas on the basis of centuries-old experience of the existence, being By the base to new mathematics of a point with uncertain (infinite) energy.



Other measurements are new opening of objects: phenomena, properties, laws with
Uncertain (infinite) энергиями of a point.
The doctrine of a point is a new measurement with the theory and practice.
The physics which is not taking into account of other measurements, stops the activity.
Other sciences using completed physics and mathematics, also stop
All sciences are objects studying other objects, including consciousness, man
And society(community).
All objects are points, fragments with uncertain (infinite energy) in
Uncertain (infinite) energy of measurements.
The sciences which are not taking into account it, finish the activity.
The fragmentariness of objects in uncertain (infinite) energy allows to unit
All sciences in new physics.
The conditions of sciences also are objects with uncertain (infinite) энергиями. It
Nor take into account traditional sciences.
The infinite sizes cannot be equalized. The equality in sciences lose sense, since operate
With sizes, all which includes uncertainty (infinity) of energy.
Principle of a superposition, being by a consequence of effect of indemnification and law of preservation of energy,
Allows to allocate object from uncertain (infinite) энергий.
It(he) is allocation, i.e. effect of algebraic division, keeping one sizes,
By change of the sums others and receiving the attitudes(relation) (allocation).


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