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Absolute safety of the project.

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The absolute law Зиновьева: The point exists with infinite energy directly proportional to its(her) infinite time of existence, average speed of its(her) movement and average force of its(her) interaction with other forces in movement.
From physics the third law of Newton is known: forces, with which two material points cooperate among themselves - are equal on the module and are directed opposite each other along direct, taking place through this point.
Great Newton has considered forces of interaction of two points of various spaces, irrespective of time and speed of its(her) movement.
It(he) does not limit time and speed of interaction of two points of various spaces.
The point of space existed, exists and there will be an infinite time, cooperating with points of other spaces.
The infinite time of movement of a point of space at its(her) inevitable, continuous interaction with points of other spaces, allows to see, that the energy of a point is infinite.
7:33 14.04.2012г.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of four degrees. Солнечно. A calm.
The man studies to operate space and time at a level of the god. It(he) already has mastered beginnings of management of weather of a planet both space through consciousness and palms of the hands. The creation of an independent, portable source of infinite energy of a point is finished.
The man is interested by(with) safety of existence of a planet and space.
As far as the energy автономника is pure(clean)?
Whether the new source (автономник) can ensure(supply) protection of the man against every possible external negative influences?
It is a lot of questions of safety. Let's begin them to consider(examine).
It is necessary to tell about cleanliness of energy of a source for the beginning, that the energy of a source is an energy of an absolutely pure(clean) electrical charge. The questions of use of energy of a charge can be considered later. Now basic problem of the man is his(its) protection against the nuclear, laser, gravitational weapon, from huge астероидов, planets, stars, инопланетных захватчиков and other space influences.
The existing laser systems of a defense of the man are limited to abilities of penetration of laser beams.
The nuclear weapon is limited to stocks of a nuclear component, it is dangerous by radiation and his(its) carrier are the flying devices with small speeds of movement. It does not rescue the man and planet from гиганских of space bodies capable to destroy a planet and a star.
The flying devices work on liquid and firm fuel, which can not allow to develop speed of movement of the device above than several tens kilometers per one second. The molecules burnt жижкого and firm fuel have small speeds of movement!
................ Created автономник works on electromagnetic and gravitational waves of movement of electrical charges and is capable to develop speed of movement indefinitely above than speed of light.
The formula of energy E of a driven body of weight m and speed v is known:
E = m*v*v.
Thus, автономник, with weight one kg and capacity one киловатт, is capable to develop energy of movement, is indefinitely higher than energy of any star and any space body.
Such автономник can protect mankind, planet and space from any menacing external space bodies and захватчиков.
It is natural, that after creation such автономника, all nuclear rockets become the indefinitely insignificant weapon. The laser systems also will indefinitely more poorly автономника.
It only beginning of the theoretical analysis of the nearest future mankind, which should continue a rate of the nuclear disarmament which has begun per the sixtieth years.
By all of good luck!
8:23 14.04.2012г.



7:42 18.04.2012г.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus of ten degrees.
The traditional engines do not allow to develop speed of movement of space vehicles above than several tens kilometers per one second, since. The molecules burnt жижкого and firm fuel have small speeds of movement, and the stocks of fuel are limited to capacities of devices.
Large weight of fuel can not itself move, and she(it) is spent for movement of the device for performance of the third Law of Newton and on small weight of speed, it is more than these known limits, to not receive.
The theories Зиновьева Владимира Петровича allow to create the portable, independent engine, which works on electromagnetic and gravitational energy from "anywhere" (from other uncertain measurements). This engine is capable to move in space on gravitational and electromagnetic flows of environmental space, by a certain analogy to the screw engine, soaking up in itself counter flows of gravitation and electromagnetic waves and throwing out them back (making a start from " of back flows "). Thus, this engine does not cooperate with external flows and consequently does not test loadings from gravitational and electromagnetic environmental flows and can develop infinite speed in vacuum, not changing weight.
Эйнштейн, has created the theories about increase of weight of a driven body with speeds close to speed of light and on this basis has limited movement of a body to speed of light. It(he) understood, that without the gravitational engine speed of light to not overcome, and theories of creation of such engine in his(its) time did not exist yet. The gravitation automatically creates effect of a gain of weight of a driven body, if gravitation to not operate.
Зиновьев Владимир Петрович has created the theories with concrete practical gravitational devices using infinite energy of a point. His(its) portable, independent devices are capable to develop infinite speed while theoretically, but it already indefinitely large jump in development of mankind.
Such device is capable to bear(carry) with itself a body with any speeds, from zero indefinitely and to protect mankind from any negative influences of an environment on any distances.
The body, for few seconds having developed in space speed of light and is higher, has energy capable to destroy a body, large, dangerous to mankind, sizes about a large star, not speaking about largest space, dangerous астероидах, driven on the Earth. Захватчики of space will not dare even to think about the plans of conquest and submission of the people, understanding consequences of the plans.
The mankind has an opportunity of creation absolute financially - technical base for absolute abundance (коммунизма), of which it dreams millions years.
The man to the man the absolute friend, comrade and brother. Absolute happiness, equality, brotherhood. Work and science, become absolute happiness, instead of slavery. These categories become not so indefinitely far dream, and reality at an embodiment of the new theories.
We work, guys!
8:24 18.04.2012г.



8:40 21.04.2012г.
In Moscow, on Star - ре, temperature - plus fourteen and a half of degrees.
The management of gravitation and any other kinds of energy with the help of the checked up new theories, practically, allows to decide(solve) any tasks of infinity of time, space and measurements.
Эйнштейн has received practical results of movement of bodies in time, having understood, that it is one of variants of the engine with infinite speed. But was still early about it to declare, and the restriction of speed of movement in vacuum was already accepted in that time by all society(community).
Modern technologies and sciences everyone decide(solve) indefinitely easier and faster, but yet all is embodied in life. To all the time. The man for the present has time for introduction of new sciences of infinity of a point. But this time not so and has a lot of. All rather!
We work!
8:52 21.04.2012г.



7:01 24.04.2012г.
The artillery - God of war is standard -!
Artillery - zero against weather!
Weather - zero against infinite energy of a point!
Who operates artillery?
Who operates weather?
Who operates infinite energy of a point?
We work, Gods!
7:07 24.04.2012г.



Glory to the People winning the robbers!!!


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